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'''Häuserbuch (house ownership book)<br>'''
'''Häuserbuch (house ownership book)<br>'''

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Häuserbuch (house ownership book)

contains the record of successive owners of a house located in a city or village. The Häuserbuch for a village which contains the names of owners of farms is often called a Güterchronik.
Usually a Häuserbuch contains details of ownership, sales price, earnest money, the name of the buyer and the relationship to the previous owner (like son, nephew, son-in-law etc.) as well as the sources for such information. Information about houses which are still inhabitable is often supplemented with photos and can also contain detailed descriptions about their building history.
Sources which will lend themselves to the formation of a Häuserbuch are other documents such as Lehnsakten, Erbbücher, Lagerbücher, Kaufverträge, Pachtverträge, Hypotheken, Heiratskontrakte, Schenkungen, Brandkataster, Testamente, Huldigungslisten, Einwohnerverzeichnisse etc.
Häuserbücher or Güterchroniken are important components in the genealogy of a village or city history. Such records provide a great fundament in establishing village genealogies (Ortssippenbücher). Especially helpful is the fact that in some German states (Bavaria, East Prussia) church books are organized by houses.


Häuserbücher for the city of Minden are available through Family History Library Catalog, International film number 1837775 item 2.