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This page is about the Independent State of Samoa. For the U.S. territory see American Samoa
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Samoa, officially the Independent State of Samoa, is a country governing the western half of the Samoan Islands archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean. Previous names were Samoa from 1900 to 1919, and Western Samoa from 1914 to 1997. It was admitted to the United Nations on 15 December 1976 as Samoa. The entire island group, inclusive of American Samoa, was known as Navigators Islands before the 20th century because of the Samoans' seafaring skills. The Fa'a Samoa, or traditional Samoan way, remains a strong force in Samoan life and politics. Despite centuries of European influence, Samoa maintains its historical customs, social systems, and language, which is believed to be the oldest form of Polynesian speech still in existence. Only the Maoris of New Zealand outnumber the Samoans among Polynesian groups.

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Samoa Genealogy


  • A'ana
  • Aiga-i-le-Tai
  • Atua
  • Fa'asaleleaga
  • Gaga'emauga
  • Gagaifomauga
  • Palauli
  • Satupa'itea
  • Tuamasaga
  • Va'a-o-Fonoti
  • Vaisigano


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