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In the 16th und 17th century Schleswig-Holstein was seeing the first religious refugees from Holland. They fled the Netherlands because of the Catholic church in Flanders, or from disputes in Evangelical doctrines. These people came with their knowledge of milk processing first to the Wilstermarsch and Eiderstedt in Schleswig-Holstein. Since 1530 Dutch names, such as Jansen, Pelgrim, Arriens, Cornelius can be traced in leases. The Dutch would rent land and cattle for a year from the wealthy landowners and produce butter, milk and cheese, which they would sell in the big citites. Eventually they moved to other regions and and their names can be traced in church books around the state. Since they were an ethnical entity, proud to be who they were, they not only are recognizable by their names, but the local pastors often identified them as “Holländer“. Their vital records, such as births, marriages and deaths have been extracted and are available in book form at the Family and History Library as follows:

Holländer in

Angeln FHL # 943.512/A K28m

Eckernförde FHL # 943.512/E2 K28 m v. 1-3

Eutin FHL # 943.59/E9 K28m v. 1-3

Lauenburg und Lübeck FHL # 943. 512/L 12 K 28 m v. 1-3

Oldenburg FHL # 943.512/01 D28m v. 1,2,3

Plön FHL # 943.512/P4 K28m v. 1-3

Rendsburg FHL # 943l51/K1 K 28m

Segeberg und Neumünster FHL # 943.512 D 28m v. 1-3

Stormarn FHL # 943.512/S7 K28m

Nachträge und Ergänzungen II zu den Holländerfamilien Schleswig-Holsteins FHL # 943.512 F2m

(for additional volumes please search in the Family History Catalog under Schleswig-Holstein: Emigration and Immigration

By the early 1800s the "Holländereien" (milk processing plants) were dissolved, the culture was no longer distinct, the Holländers intermarried, but their family names remain. If you have an ancestor by the name of Abraham, Nickels, Wilmsen, Thiessen, Volkersen etc. you may want to be aware of the above mentioned research done by Joachim Memmert.

A reference to Warner Möller of Bergenhusen in 1599 as a Holländer can be found in the records of the Arbeits-Gemeinschaft Genealogie Schleswig-Holstein e.V. through the research of Dr. Nils Hansen, Seminar für Europäische Ethnologie/Volkskunde, Universität Kiel. 


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