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Church Records

Skjervøy clerical district contains parish registers from the parishes Skjervøy, Nordreisa and Kvænangen (Skørpen). Records begin in 1748.

Parish heading list shows the Norwegian headings on the parish records with an English translations for each of the different forms used throughout the records beginning in 1814. Prior to that time the records were kept in a journal format which varies with each parish.

Digital images of the church books are online at Digitalarkivet.

Census Records

  • Sogneprestenes manntall 1664-1666 - The 1666 clerical census for Skjervøy (Tromsø) Clerical District can be found at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. It Contains the Lutheran ministers census for 1666 in Troms county, Norway. This census only list the head of household, and all the male occupants. It was made specifically for military purpose. Also available in a scanned format online at Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives) as well as in a searchable index.
  • Manntall 1701 : optatt av fogderi, sorenskrivere og sogne prester ifølge kongebrev av 26 Juli 1701 - The 1701 census of Skjervøy Clerical District can be found at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City in Utah. This is a census made specifically for military enlistment and gives the name of the head of household and all males residing in the various households.Also available in a scanned format at Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives).
  • 1702-manntalet for Tromsø futedømme. The 1702 civil census for Skjervøy is available in a scanned format at Digitalarkivet.
  • Ekstraskattemanntallet 1763 Tromsø fogderi - The 1763 tax Census for Skjervøy, Lyngen, Tromsø, and Karlsøy parishes in Tromsø tax district can be found at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

Court Records

Land Records

Probate Records

1690-1866 Tromsø judicial district.

1776-1809 Troms County judicial district.

1697-1824 Troms and Senja deanery.

Farm Books

[Two volumes are now available as a downloadable PDF file on the internet Skjervøy bygdebok I and II.

Farm Names

64 Aarvik 60 Akkarfjord 8 Akkarjorden 7 Arildseng 5 Arneng 49 Bugten 47 Djupdalen 20 Eidet indre 56 Elven 15 Elvesletten 41 Follesøen lille 17 Forsnes 57 Grundfjord 71 Haksteinen 58 Haugnes 3 Haukøen 6 Havn 23 Havn 37 Havnnes 67 Havnnes 32 Helgeli 67 Helnes 31 Hornset 51 Jægtsæte 49 Kaagen 43 Kaspermarken 42 Klauvnes 17 Klubnes 54 Kobpollen 50 Kvalen 59 Langfjord 28 Langlien 68 Langnes 27 Langsletten 16 Leirvaag 66 Løksletten 1 Mandskarvik 51 Maursund 2 Meiland 11 Mettevolden 24 Moldforviken 4 Moldvik 68 Nikkeby 66 Nygaard 13 Oksfjorddalen 10 Oksfjordvandet nordre 14 Oksfjordvandet søndre 63 Pankekjeilen 44 Præstberget 39 Rakkenes 68 Ramberg 26 Ravelseidet indre 34 Rotsund nordre 30 Rotsunddalen 29 Rotsundelven 24 Rottenvik 65 Rækvik nordre 9 Sandelven 49 Sandnes 22 Seglnesbugten 55 Singlen 48 Skagen 69 Skjervø Præstegaard 70 Skjervøberget 61 Sotnes 36 Spaakenes 40 Storbugten 38 Storsletten 17 Strømfjord nordre 46 Sæteren 53 Taskeby lille 47 Trondalen 66 Tyvdalen 45 Uløbugten 12 Vasbotn 19 Viken 46 Vorterøen

Skjervøy Bygdebok

Akkarfjord, Akkarfjorden, Arildseng, Arneng, Arnøy, Arnøyhamn, Eidet, Elvesletta, Follesøy, Geitvik, Grunnfjord, Hammervik, Hamn, Hamnnes, Havnnes, Haukøy, Helgelid, Helnes, Hornset, Kaspermark, Klaunes, Klubnes, Kobbepollen, Kvalen, Kågen, Langlien, Langnes, Langsletta, Lauksletta, Lauksund, Laukøy, Leirvåg, Mannskarvik, Maursund, Meiland, Mettevollen, Mikkelvik, Moldvik, Moldforvik, Nikkeby, Nygård, Oksfjord, Olderfjord, Pankekeilen, Prestberg, Rakkenes, Ravelseid, Rekvik, Rotsund, Rotsunddal, Sandelv, Segelbukt, Simavåg, Skjervøy, Skjåvik, Sotnes, Spåkenes, Storbukt, Storelv, Storeng, Storslett, Straumfjord, Sæter, Taskeby, Uløy, Uløybukt,Valen, Viken, Vorterøy, Årvik 

Historical Society

Nord-Troms Historielag


Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names


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