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Known Issues

NOTE 1: The Slovakia, Prešov Region Church Books (Hungarian Place Names), 1592-1906 collection was recently removed from The only version of this collection that will be available will be the Slovak version of the place names.   Occasionally, a Hungarian place name gets used instead of Slovakian. An example of this error is the place location of Žíp, Feledince Slovakia (which is Hungarian and Czech), has been used instead of the Slovakian place name of Žíp, Rimavská Sobota, Slovakia. To find the Hungarian place-name corresponding to the Slovakian one, click on the link to see the Conversion Table of Historic Hungarian Names to Corresponding Slovakian Names .

NOTE 2: Trhoviste (Slovakian)/Vasarhely (Hungarian): C. 1296, 1300,1301,1302 all belong under Greek Catholic, not Roman Catholic. 'Bartfa/Bardojov' (Jewish Records). Digital images of this portion of the collection are currently restricted by contract from being displayed.

NOTE 3: FamilySearch strives to create accurate localities but with the changing jurisdictions over time, language changes and movement of records, it is sometimes difficult. Known inaccuracies are documented below.

NOTE 4: If you cannot find the records in the online collection, you can search the Family History Library Catalog.

  1. In the ‘Search’ box; select Place-Name or Keyword(s) and enter the locality.
  2. Click Search - You should come to a list of collections, from which you can choose the best matches to your search.
  3. Scroll down to the list of films which shows types of records and date ranges.
  4. Click on the blue film number to the right of the item you select and it will take you to a page with instructions on how to order the film to the nearest FamilySearch Center.

Question #1: I get a message “Image not Available” for some of the records even when I am signed in. How can I view these records? 
Answer #1: Records in the Slovakia, Church and Synagogue Books, 1592-1910 collection cannot be shown online until they are 100 years old. If a film contains any item past the cut-off date, the contents of the entire film will be restricted and the film will not be available for viewing.
The Historical Records collections will be updated each year to show new unrestricted records. FamilySearch respects and strives to adhere to all privacy laws respective to preserving and providing access to genealogical records in its collection.
If you are uncertain as to whether or not a record set or locality is restricted from online viewing because of cut off dates, FamilySearch can verify which films are restricted. You can request this service by contacting FamilySearch at

Question #2: When I search the index and find an image, there is often no way to look at the images before and after the found image. Also, sometimes I cannot find that same image in the browse collection. How can I search the film around the image I found in the Index?
Answer #2: When you search using criteria in the Index, you may find an individual and link to his/her image, but the image may not be available to be browsed: the arrows for moving backward and forward and other information used in the title above the image may be missing because the film may contain records past the privacy cutoff dates, and the film is restricted, but the image is not. There is no workaround for this issue.

Images for Sered, Slovakia have been indexed and digitized but the connection to years prior to 1853 have not yet been added. The index includes all of the images, so we suggest that you try using the index to find your ancestors prior to 1853 until the connections are created.

Question #3: Sometimes when I am searching records for small parishes, I cannot find them. How should I search for these records?
Answer #3: Many records of smaller parishes were registered in the parish found in a larger town nearby. The larger town will contain records for a number of small parishes. This requires searching through the images to locate the correct area.

Another way to search would be to use a Keyword search of the catalog and use the information in the film notes to help you find the larger towns.

Question #4: Some images appear as duplicates and some images are missing. Can I still find these images?
Answer #4: The following list identifies missing or duplicate images.

  • Greek Catholic (Grécko-katolícká cirkev) > Medzilaborce > Vyšná Oľka > Baptisms (Krsty) 1871-188...nželstvá) 1869-1871 Krsty page 217 is missing.
  • Greek Catholic (Grécko-katolícká cirkev) > Stropkov > Vyšná Jedľová > Baptisms (Krsty) 1832-1892 Marriages (Manželstvá) 1833-1892 Deaths (Úmrtia) 1832-1892, Baptisms (Krsty) 1837-1892 Marriages (Manželstvá) 1832-1892 Deaths (Úmrtia) 1832-1892, Baptisms (Krsty) 1893-1932 Image 190 of 297 is partially blocked and is not available.
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Bratislava > Blumentál (Part II) > Death index (Zoznam úmrti) 1837-1889 (Inv. č. 353) and Death index (Zoznam úmrti) 1889-1918 (Inv. č. 354) are partially online, but the remaining records at this browse point are on a separate film that has films within the cut-off period for privacy (Please see Question and Answer #1 for privacy information)
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Kežmarok > Lechnica > Baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths (Krsty, birmovaní, manželstvá, úmrtia) 1766-1832 Pages 33 and 34 are missing.
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Šaľa > Žihárec>Deaths (Úmrtia) 1884-1891 (Inv. č. 2857: Pages 27 & 28 and 747 are duplicate images. Pages 29 and 30 are missing.

Question #5: When searching through these records, sometimes the Religion, County, Place, and/or Event, Type, Year Range, may be incorrect. How may I determine which are incorrect?
Answer #5: Please see the following for errors in the browse points:


Jewish (Židovská obec) >

  • Skalica > Holíč actually contains Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícka), Evangelical Reformed (Evanjelícká reformovaná cirkev) andJewish (Židovská obec) records

Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) >

  • Gelnica > Kluknava > Baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths (Krsty, birmovaní, manželstvá, úmrtia) 1720-1896 actually contain records from Greek Catholic (Grécko-katolícká cirkev) > Kojsov
  • Lučenec > Lucenec > Baptism (Krsty) 1870-1887 actually containsEvangelical (Evanjelícká cirkev) records
  • Lučenec > Lučenec > Baptisms, marriages (Krsty, manželstvá) 1783-1827 actually contains Evangelical (Evanjelícká cirkev) records .
  • Myjava > Kostolné > Baptisms (Krsty) 1805-1838 (Inv. č. 1168) actually contains Evangelical (Evanjelícká cirkev) records
  • Myjava > Kostolné > Marriages (Manželstvá) 1805-1849 (Inv. č. 1168) actually contains records for Evangelical (Evanjelícká cirkev) records
  • Senec > Kostolná pri Dunaji > Baptisms (Krsty) 1711-1717 (Inv. č. 1158) and Baptisms (Krsty) 1784-1804 (Inv. č. 1167) actually contains Evangelical (Evanjelícká cirkev) records
  • Trenčín > Trenčín > Baptisms (Krsty) 1783-1837 (Inv. č. 2373) actually contains records for Evangelical (Evanjelícká cirkev) > Trenčín > Trenčín > Baptisms (Krsty) 1783-1837 (Inv. č. 2373)
  • Trenčín > Trenčín > Baptisms (Krsty) 1838-1859 (Inv. č. 2374) actually contains records for Evangelical (Evanjelícká cirkev) > Trenčín > Trenčín > Baptisms (Krsty) 1838-1859 (Inv. č. 2374)
  • Trnava > Trnava > Baptisms, marriages, deaths (Krsty, manželstvá, úmrtia) 1826-1867 (Inv. č. 2452), and Baptisms, marriages, deaths (Krsty, manželstvá, úmrtia) 1825-1867 (Inv. č. 2453), and Marriages (Manželstvá) 1868-1871 (Inv. č. 2454) actually contains Evangelical (Evanjelícká cirkev) records


  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) >Bánovce and > Bánovce nad Bedravou are the same county
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Banovce > Hala Hradna, the town name is misspelled. It should be Mala Hradna
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) >Bánovce > Halá Hradná, and > Bánovce > Malé Hoste actually contain records in the county of Bánovce nad Bedravou
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Bardejov > Abrahámovce > Baptisms, church financial records (Krsty, cirkevné finančné záznamy) 1696-1789 is actually in the county of Spis
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Dolnie Vašardice > Lukáčovce actually contained records from the county of Nitra
  • Roman Catholic (Rimsko-katolicka cirkev) > Vranov nad Topl'ou > Nižný Hrušov can be found in the county of Michalovce
  • Evangelical (Evanjelícká cirkev) > Giraltovce > Hanušovce nad Topľou is actually in the county of Vranov nad Topľou
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Kralupy nad Vltavou actually contains records from the county of Nové Zámky
  • Greek Catholic (Grécko-katolícká cirkev) > Michalovce > Topoľčany actually contain records for the town of Topolyán
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Modrý Kameň > Želovce are correct for browse points Baptisms, marriages, deaths (Krsty, manželstvá, úmrtia) 1744-1777 (Inv. Č. 1654) and Baptisms, marriages, deaths (Krsty, manželstvá, úmrtia) 1855-1870 (Inv. Č. 1651 (pokrač.)); but remaining browse points actually contain records from Ziar Nad Hronom > Banský Studenec
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Sabinov > Sarisske Dravce actually contain records for the towns of Bajerovce and Nizna Sebastova
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Stará Ľubovňa > Nová Ľubovňa > Baptisms, marriages, deaths (Krsty, manželstvá, úmrtia) 1635-1891 is actually the town and county of Gelnica > Kluknava
  • Greek Catholic (Grécko-katolícká cirkev) > Stará Ľubovňa > Starina > Baptisms, marriages, deaths 1845-1868 (Inv. č. 1156) actually contains records from the county of Snina


  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Bratislava > Sv. Martina (Part III) > Marriages (Manželstvá) 1869-1871 actually are Marriages (Manželstvá) 1869-1874
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Malacky > Veľké Leváre > Baptisms (Krsty) 1801-1861 actually contains records dated Baptisms (Krsty) 1853-1861
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Myjava > Brezová pod Bradlom > Deaths (Úmrtia) 1868-1903 (Inv. č. 393a) actually contains records dated > Births (Krsty) 1831-1873 (Inv. č. 393a)
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Nové Mesto nad Váhom > Podolie > Baptisms (Krsty) 1758-1797 (Inv. č. 1802 (pokrač.) contains both birth and death records. Image 1-105 and 207-end are birth records, and images 104-206, there are death records for 1751-1793.
  • Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Skalica > Skalica > Marriages (Manželstvá) 1771-1847 (Inv. č. 2014) should read Marriages (Manželstvá) 1771-1813 (Inv. č. 2014). The 177-1813 (Inv. č. 2014). marriage records described in the browse point are preceded by records for (Inv. č. 2012) and (Inv. č. 2013). The (Inv. č. 2014) records begin at image 670.

MISSING IMAGES - Until the issues are resolved and the films are online, you may order them through the Catalog using instructions in NOTE 4 above.

  • Film 1794332 - Greek Catholic (Grécko-katolícká cirkev) > Medzilaborce > Výrava is no longer online.
  • Film 1978930 - Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Košice > Kecerovské Pekľany > Baptisms, conversions, marriages, deaths (Krsty, konvertiti, manželstvá, úmrtia) 1755-1911 is missing images for 1866-1878
  • Film 2420547 - 1717-1809 records for Trenčín > Soblahov are not available online at this time.
  • Film 2422296, Item 1 - - Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Dunajská Streda > Šamorín > inv. č. 2207 (pokrač.) Krsty 1733-1741
  • Film 2429659 - Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Trnava > Trnava > Krsty 1854-1857 Inv. č. 2426 (pokrač.) records are not available online at this time.
  • Film 2440539, Item 3 - Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Dunajská Streda > Šamorín > inv. č. 2207 Krsty 1724-1733

Question #6: When I click any Evangelical (Evanjelícká cirkev) > Skalica > Holíč browse point then try to go back to a different Evangelical browse point by clicking " Holíč", the path above changes to the Jewish (Židovská obec) > Skalica > Holíč browse points not the Evangelical (Evanjelícká cirkev) browse points. How can I get back to the Evangelical Holíč browse points?
Answer #6: A workaround for getting back to the Evangelical (Evanjelícká cirkev) > Holíč browse points is to click the browser back arrow.

If you encounter additional problems with this collection, feel free to report them at Please include the following information:

  • If searching a specific collection: please include the name of the collection; include all search criteria used, including name, event, dates and places.
  • If browsing this collection: please include the full path you followed to where the problem occurred. The browse path is located above the image viewer window.
    For example: Slovakia Church and Synagogue Books, 1591-1910 > Roman Catholic (Rímsko-katolícká cirkev) > Modrý Kameň > Želovce > Baptisms (Krsty) 1764-1864 (Inv. č. 1654) > Image 24 of 170.
  • If you are reporting a technical issue: please include your operating system and browser version, such as Windows XP and Internet Explorer

Your assistance will help ensure that future revisions will be considered.

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