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*[[Research Communities on Facebook|Genealogy Research Communities]]  
*[[Research Communities on Facebook|Genealogy Research Communities]]  
*[ FamilySearch Forums]
*[ FamilySearch Forums]

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If you are a society or library, the FamilySearch Research Wiki wants to partner with you to promote your organization to the genealogical community.

Placing your information on the Wiki, which has millions of visits every year, will help give you access to many new potential members/visitors.  There are many things you can do:

  • Create a page about your center. Let Wiki visitors know about you and your resources. You can create multiple pages about your society/library in the Wiki if needed.  
  • Share Record Collections.  This is a great way to inform more people about your collections.  
  • Share Membership/Patron Benefits. If you are looking for new members/patrons you can let Wiki visitors know about your benefits and services.
  • Share Publications. If you are a society, and offer research documentation, you may list those volumes here along with information on them.  

Learn more about how the Wiki benefits your society.

If you need further information, or would like help creating your page, contact Wiki Support at (866)406-1830, or e-mail us at


Resources To Get Your Society Page Started

Resources To Get Your Library Page Started

Additional Resources