Step 10. Submitting names

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Pacific Island Guide Gotoarrow.png Step 10. Submitting names

This page is optional. It has material and links intended primarily for people of the LDS faith.

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are encouraged to submit information about their deceased family members in order to provide temple ordinances for them. For more information about the resources available to help LDS Church members find their ancestors and fulfill their temple responsibilities, see Mormon Genealogy.

Pacific island adoption sealings

Pacific island families sometimes followed a tradition of adopting from one family to another (hanai). An adopted child may be sealed to his or her adoptive or biological family. Some leaders have recommended that the child be sealed to the family that raised it, but keep the name of its biological family. Other Pacific island families have chosen to seal such a deceased child to both families, and let child make the final choice in the resurrection.