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== Research Tools  ==
==  Research Tools  ==
* [ Sudan Mailing Lists]
*[ Looking 4 Kin genealogy & Family History Network - Sudan]
* [ Sudan Country Genealogy and Regional Sources]
*[ Sudan Mailing Lists]  
* [ Sudan Genealogy Forum]
*[ Sudan Country Genealogy and Regional Sources]  
*[ Sudan Genealogy Forum]
== Featured Content  ==
== Featured Content  ==

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Sudan is located in North East Africa. It is bound by Egypt to the north, Libya to the northwest, Chad to the west, the Central African Republic to the southwest, Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire) to the south, Uganda and Kenya to the southeast, Ethiopia and Eritrea to the east and the Red Sea to the northeast.

Getting started with Sudan research


Sudan is made up of 25 states (wilayat, singular - wilayah).

  • A'ali an Nil (Upper Nile)
  • Al Bahr al Ahmar (Red Sea)
  • Al Buhayrat (Lakes)
  • Al Jazirah (El Gezira)
  • Al Khartum (Khartoum)
  • Al Qadarif (Gedaref)
  • Al Wahdah (Unity)
  • An Nil al Abyad (White Nile)
  • An Nil al Azraq (Blue Nile)
  • Ash Shamaliyah (Northern)
  • Bahr al Jabal (Bahr al Jabal)
  • Gharb al Istiwa'iyah (Western Equatoria)
  • Gharb Bahr al Ghazal (Western Bahr al Ghazal)
  • Gharb Darfur (Western Darfur)
  • Janub Darfur (Southern Darfur)
  • Janub Kurdufan (Southern Kordofan)
  • Junqali (Jonglei)
  • Kassala (Kassala)
  • Nahr an Nil (Nile)
  • Shamal Bahr al Ghazal (Northern Bahr al Ghazal)
  • Shamal Darfur (Northern Darfur)
  • Shamal Kurdufan (Northern Kordofan)
  • Sharq al Istiwa'iyah (Eastern Equatoria)
  • Sinnar (Sinnar)
  • Warab (Warab)

 Research Tools

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