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BLEK = Blekinge County

P = Postal Code

GBG = Göteborg och Bohus County

prästgd = Vicar's Farm

gd = Small Farm

S = South

gd:ar = Large farm

Sk = School

GOTL = Gotland County

SKBG = Skaraborg County

GÄVL = Gävleborg County

S:t = Saint

HALL = Halland County

St = Greater

JKPG = Jönköping County

STH = Stockholm County

JMTL = Jämtland County

SÖDM = Södermanland County

KALM = Kalmar County

UPPS = Uppsala County

KPBG = Kopparberg County

V = West

KRIST = Kristianstad County

VBTN = Västerbotten County

KRON = Kronoberg County

VRML = Värmland County

kv = Mill

VSTM = Västmanland County

L = Little

ÄLV = Älvsborg County

MALM = Malmöhus County

Ö = East

N = North

ÖREBRO = Örebro County

NBTN = Norrbotten County

ÖSTG = Östergötland County

Swedish Terms to Know

GÅRD - Farm

BY - Village

FÖRSAMLING - Parish (Congregation)

SOCKEN - Parish

HÄRAD - Court District

LÄN - County

LANDSKAP - Province

Swedish Place Name Prefixes to Know

NORRA (N) North

SÖDRA (S) South


ÖSTRA (Ö) East

LILLA (L) Little

STORA (St) Greater

NEDRE (Ne) Lower

ÖVRE (Ö) Upper

YTTER (Y) Outer

INDRE (I) Inner


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