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Ida 4 September
Ignatii 17 December
Ignatus 1 February
Ilgentag 1 September
Ilians Mässa 1 September
Immanuel 26 March
Ingeborg 8 October
Ingenuus 13 May
Inger 26 February
Innocent 17 October
Innocentium 28 December
Innocentius ep. 22 December
Innocentius pap. 12 March
Innocentius pap. 28 July
Inventio Johannis 24 February
Inventio S. Crusis 3 May
Inventio St. Olai 3 August
Inventio S. Stephani 3 August
Inventio S. Stephani regis 11 October
Invocavit see Quadragesima in the moveable feast day calendar
Irenaeus 15 December
Irenaeus & Abundius 26 August
Irenaeus ep. 28 June
Irene 5 April
Irene virg. Mart. 3 April
Irene virg. Mart. 20 October
Irmel 4 September
Isaach 19 December
Isidorus ep. 7 January
Isidorus in Sweden 14 December
Isidorus Mart. 15 May
Ismael 17 June
Israel 23 December
Ivo 19 May


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