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Quadragesima A moveable feast day.  See Quadragesima in the moveable feast day calendar
Quartus Fourth (4th)
Quartus decimus Fourteenth (14th)
Quasimodogeniti A moveable feast day.  See Quasimodogeniti in the moveable feast day calendar
Quatuor Coronati 8-November
Quattuordecim Fourteen (14)
Quatturo Four (4)
Quincius 5 September
Quinctianus 1 April
Quinctinus ep. 6 September
Quinctinus mart. 31 October
Quindecim Fifteen (15)
Quindecim Matyres 9 March
Quinquagesima A moveable feast day. See Quinquagesima in the moveable feast day calendar
Quinque Five (5)
Quintinianus 1 April
Quintinus 31 October
Quintus Fifth (5th)
Quintus decimus Fifteenth (15th)
Quiriacus 5 March
Quirinus 30 March
Quirinus ep. 4 June


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