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Swedish English
gamla old
gamla boken (G.B.) old book, previous clerical survey
gammal old
garvare tanner
gata street
genast right away, immediately
genealogi genealogy
genom through
gesäll journeyman
gift married
gifta sig to marry
gifte marriage
giftermål marriage ceremony
giftoman bride\'s sponsor
gikt gout
god good
gosse boy
granne neighbor
gratialist receiving a pension or cash from some special fund
grav grave
grekisk katolsk Eastern Orthodox
grenadjär infantryman
greve count (title of nobility)
gruva mine
gräns boundary line, border
gudfader godfather
gudmoder godmother
gulsot jaundice
gång time
gård farm, house
gåvor donations
gäll (gäld) clerical district
gästgivare innkeeper
gördelmakare brazier


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