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Swedish English
regemente regiment
register register, index
repslagare rope maker
Riddarhuset house of nobility
rike state, realm
riksarkiv national archives, state archives
rote district within a parish
rotehjon person supported by a parish district
rotesoldat soldier for a district in a parish
rulla record, roll
rusthåll farm equipping a (cavalry) soldier
rusthållare owner of a farm equipping a cavalry soldier
rymt, rymd runaway
rysk, ryss Russian
Ryssland Russia
ryttare cavalryman
rådhusrätt city court
rådman councilman
rådstu(gu)rätt city court
räkenskapslängd records of accounts
rätt court, right, correct
rättare farm foreman
rödsot dysentery
röta gangrene
rötfeber gangrene, typhus fever, putrid fever


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