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A glossary of genealogical terms.

Tabellion: A French term for scrivener, a person who prepares wills and other documents. A tabellion has less training than a notairs (notary) or avocat (lawyer).

Tables décennales: A French index that covers ten years of a particular set of records. French civil registration records have ten-year indexes. The English translation for these indexes is ten-year indexes.

Taufen: The German word for baptisms.

Tax: Money that a government collects from individuals, businesses, and other institutions under its jurisdiction.

Tax abatement record: A record that lists names of individuals seeking a tax deferment. It lists the reason for the request and may also list names of relatives or guardians.

Tax records: A general term referring to all documents created as a result of taxation.

Tax sale record: A record created when the property of a person who was delinquent in paying property taxes is sold to pay the taxes.

Tax, PERiodical Source Index: A record type used in the Locality and Research Methodologies sections of the PERiodical Source Index (PERSI) to identify articles that contain information about tax records.

Taxation, Family History Library Catalog™: A subject heading used in the Family History Library Catalog to categorize tax records.

Taxation, general: The process of a government gathering money from its citizens to meet its operating expenses.

Telephone directory: A list of the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of people in an area.

Tellico land grants: Grants for lands ceded in 1805 to the United States government by the Cherokee Native Americans.

Note: The current glossary in the wiki does not include words that begin with U through Z 


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