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<!-- Add categories and interwikis to the /doc subpage, not here! -->
<!-- Add categories and interwikis to the /doc subpage, not here! -->
</noinclude>&nbsp;The departamentos (departments) of Colombia.

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Any media bearing this template are automatically added to Category:Images lacking a description, which is a subcategory of Category:Images for cleanup.


{{Description missing [| What's missing] }}
  1. Character written in bold must be typed as shown
  2. Words written in italic must be replaced with appropriate letters
  3. Parameters enclosed in “[” and “]” are optional
Parameter Description
What's missing Optional parameter. Specify what kind of information is missing. If you omit this parameter, the template will assume that "description" is missing. Possible values include: "author information", "date", etc.
{{Description missing}}
{{Description missing | author information}}
{{Description missing | date}}
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