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| small = {{{small|left}}}
| small = {{{small|left}}}
| style = width: 246px;
| style = width: 246px;
| image= [[File:FamilySearchTree.png|40px]]
| image= [[File:FamilySearchTree.png|20px|alt=[tree]]]
| text = <small>You can help by adding an English translation of this image to the '''Discussion page'''.</small>}}
| text = <small>You can help by adding an English translation of the image to the '''[[{{TALKPAGENAME}}|Discussion page]]'''.</small>}}<includeonly>
{{{cat|[[Category:Translation requests]]}}}</includeonly><noinclude>

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  • This template is only for use on FamilySearch Historical Record Collections articles that describe FamilySearch online collections and need a sample image to be translated into English.
  • This template is NOT for use with other wiki articles that need translation, for those articles use {{translation needed}}.


  • All Wiki users can add or remove this message box to FamilySearch Historical Records pages that have a sample image that needs to be translated.
  • Add the Incomplete Image Translations flag to a page by typing {{Incomplete Image Translations}} in the section where the image is located.
  • Pages that include this template will be automatically included in the Category:FamilySearch Historical Records articles needing image translations.
  • The Incomplete Image Translations flag will remain until the template is removed.