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  • D'Aigle Plantation (Aroostook Co.) see  Daigle Plantation below.
  • Daigle Plantation (Aroostook Co.) made from Township 18 R6 WELS in 1859; incorporated as part of the town of Fort Kent, Maine in 1869.[1] [2]
  • Dallas Plantation (Franklin Co.), also known as: (a) Plantations 2 and 3 in R1 and 2 and 3 R2, (b) Number 2 R2 Plantation, and (c) Getchell Plantation, was part of a much larger 4-townships plantation in 1845; repealled in 1859 and now reduced to just T2 R2 WBKP land.[1] [3]
  • Danforth Plantation (Washington Co.) created from T8 R3 NBPP and T8 R4 NBPP in 1847; became town of Danforth, Maine in 1860; annexed land from Weston (Aroostook Co.) 1885; annexed land from Eaton 1887.[1] [4]
  • Davistown Plantation (Waldo Co.)
  • Dayton Plantation (Aroostook Co.) was formed from part of Crystal Plantation in 1848; became the town of Hersey, Maine in 1873.[5] [6] [7]
  • Dead River Plantation (Somerset Co.) was first organized in 1856, and became an unorganized territory (township) in 1951.[8] [9]
  • Dearborn Plantation (Kennebec Co.)
  • Deer Island Plantation (Hancock Co.)
  • Dennistown Plantation (Somerset Co.)
  • Dennysville (Washington Co.)
  • Dion Plantation (Aroostook Co.)
  • Dionne Plantation (Aroostook Co.)
  • Drew Plantation (Penobscot Co.)
  • Duck Trap Plantation (Waldo Co.), also known as Little Duck Trap Plantation, set off land to create Northport, Maine in 1796.[10] [11]
  • Duck Trap Plantation and Canaan Plantation (Waldo Co.) set off land to Northport, Maine 1796; became Lincolnville, Maine in 1802.[10] [12]
  • Dyer Brook Plantation (Aroostook Co.)

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