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[http://pilot.familysearch.org/recordsearch/start.html#c={{{1}}};p=collectionDetails;t=searchable FamilySearch Record Search – Pilot Site, {{{2}}}]
{{#if: {{{1|}}} | [{{#switch: {{{access}}}
| browse = https://www.familysearch.org/search/image/index#uri=https://api.familysearch.org/records/collection/{{{1}}}/waypoints
| waypoint = https://www.familysearch.org/search/image/index#uri=https://api.familysearch.org/records/waypoint/{{{1}}}
| #default = https://www.familysearch.org/search/collection/show#uri=http://hr-search-api:8080/searchapi/search/collection/{{{1}}}
}} {{{2|Record Collection {{{1}}}}}}]  
| [https://www.familysearch.org/search/collection/list Historical Record Collections]
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Historical Record Collections

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When Record Search changed from beta to production, articles that had used this template were all updated with a single edit to this template.


This template can be used to link to specific FamilySearch Historical Record Collections available for search. It can take three parameters

  1. The reference for the collection optional
    • If omitted the URL for the site will be displayed
  2. The text to be displayed in the link. optional
    • If omitted the reference number will be displayed instead.
  3. access= optional named parameter. If the parameter is omitted it will default to the correct output for searchable collections
    • Used for linking to a Browse image only collection. This is done by using access=browse.
    • Used for linking to a specific browsing waypoint within a collection. This is done by using access=waypoint.


You type You get

Record Collection 1610550

|England, Cheshire Nonconformist Church Records

England, Cheshire Nonconformist Church Records

|Argentina National Census, 1869

Argentina National Census, 1869

|Probate records for Rensselaer County

Probate records for Rensselaer County


Historical Record Collections

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