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<div style="font-size:8pt;"> Please add any comments to the '''[[{{TALKPAGENAME}}|talk page]]'''.</div>
<div style="font-size:8pt;"> Please add any comments to the '''[[{{TALKPAGENAME}}|talk page]]'''.</div>
}}<includeonly>{{{category|[[Category:{{#switch: {{{1|en}}} | en = Non-English | #default= {{ISO 639-1|{{{1|}}}}} }} articles]]}}}</includeonly><noinclude>{{Documentation}}</noinclude>
}}<includeonly>{{nocat|{{{category|[[Category:{{#switch: {{{1|en}}} | en = Non-English | #default= {{ISO 639-1|{{{1|}}}}} }} translation requests]]}}}}}</includeonly><noinclude>{{Documentation}}</noinclude>

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This template can be used to request a translation of an article. Articles that are flagged with this template are grouped together by language in one of the sub-categories of Category:Translation requests



The template should be placed at the end of an article just above the categories.


The template has two unnamed parameters.

Unnamed parameters

  1. The first is a two-letter code according to the ISO 639-1 standard.
  2. The second is the name of the page where the article is to be translated to. (note: It is not necessary to create the page on the other language wiki first)


Typical example:

{{Translation needed|es|Foros de FamilySearch}} 

More examples:

You type You get
{{Translation needed|all}} 
Also the default.
{{Translation needed|de}} 
{{Translation needed|es|}} 
{{Translation needed|fr}} 
{{Translation needed|it}} 
{{Translation needed|ja}} 
{{Translation needed|ko}} 
{{Translation needed|pt}} 
{{Translation needed|ru}} 
{{Translation needed|sv}} 
{{Translation needed|zh}} 
{{Translation needed|cy}} 
Specifying a language that is unavailable

WARNING! The Research Wiki is not available in the Welsh language.
A number of non-English versions are available.
Please use the two letter code for the available language required. (Examples)