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The Van Houten, New Mexico Story. A pamphlet by Father Stanley, printed March 1961, Box 503, Dumas, Texas, no copywright. The pamphlet mentions the following people that may be of genealogical interest to you. They are listed alphabetically.

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Fred Agee, Dry goods store manager

Frank Alpers

Mrs. Amelico, Van Houten Club member

A. Amondoli, band member

Oval (Oral) Anderson,  WW I navy volunteer

William Anderson, killed in WW I

Ellen Benfer, primary school teacher

Mrs. Bennett, Van Houten Club member

Mrs. Leah Bergen, Van Houten Club member

Mr. M.E. Bernard, camp marshall

Mrs. Bernard

Mrs. C.A. Bernard

Miss Emma Bernard, Van Houten Club member

Mr. and Mrs E Barnard

Dr. J.T. Bills, company doctor

Bonanelli family

Margaret Bonanelli

Pete Bono, band member

Alex Brown

Mrs. Brown, Van Houten Club member

Ernest Brunelli, store keeper Blossberg Mercantile Co.

Lucy Brunelli

Archie Bularch

Anton Bulaz, WW I volunteer

Smith Capers

Mrs. Carr, Van Houten Club member

William Carson, WW I volunteer 'Caesar Childs, store clerk

Velo Chagenovich

Pat Chavez, WW I army volunteer

John Chiode, band member

Bill Chittick, WW I volunteer

Ed Chittick, baseball pitcher

William Chittick,  band member

Mrs. William Chittick

Mrs. Chittick, piano player, Van Houten Club member

Mrs. Christon, Van Houten Club member

Earl Cliff family

Joe Comba family

Joe Comba Jr

Joe and Mary Jane Comba

George Conklarakis, WW I volunteer

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Connelly, mine stable boss

Evan Cristoff, WW I volunteer

Joe Cuseico, band member


Mrs. Daily, Van Houten Club member

Kosta Dalierich, WW I volunteer

Russell Daly, band member

Tilman Daly, band member

Newton Davis

Mrs. De Amici, Van Houten Club member

George M Dennis, WW I volunteer

Charles DiLisio Jr

Dr. Donavan

Sherman Dull

Mrs. John Engle twin to Mrs. Jensen

Mrs. Engle, Van Houten Club member

F. Ferri, band member

Fred Finnicum

Mrs. M.M. Foster, hotel owner

Joseph Franco, WW I volunteer

Allan "Archie" P. French, band member, camp superintendent

Mrs. A.P. French, Van Houten Club member

Mrs. J.S. French

Mrs. J.T. French, Van Houten Club member

Mrs. James French, singer

Mrs. Marie French, Red cross

Nicolas Gallegos, WW I volunteer

Ruperto Gallegos, WW I volunteer

Manuel Garcia, WW I volunteer

Louis Ghenis, band member

Mrs. Gregg, child welfare chairman, Van Houten Club member

Joe Grubae, WW I volunteer

Frank Gumm

Lige Harvey, band member 

Erskine Hewitt, mine board of directors

Hixenbaugh, Sheriff

J.M. Honeyfield

Mrs. Honeyfield, Van Houten Club member

Dr. Lamont A Hubbard, WW I volunteer, band member


George Jackson

Mrs. Jensen, twin to Mrs. Engle

J.Jones, bakery

John Joseph, WW I volunteer

Joe Kastler

Alt Kerr, baseball catcher

Vera Kershner, Van Houten Club member

Mrs. Kew, Van Houten Club member

Austin Kinney

Mrs. Kintsel, piano player, Van Houten Club member

Constantinus Koch,

Fritz Koehling, Dawson baseball catcher

Alex Kovacevich (Kavicick), WW I volunteer

Vedon Kovacavich, WW I volunteer

Mary Lail

Lambert family

Mrs. Lee, Van Houten Club member

Miss Lewis, Van Houten Club member

August Lexa, band member

Tony Lexa, band member

Littrell, Sheriff

Mrs. Clyde Long

Antonio Lopez, WW I volunteer

Laura Manby, teacher

Joe Marger,

Coligano Mario, band member

Mrs. Marsh, Van Houten Club member

Louis Marsino, band member

Louis Marsisco, WW I volunteer

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Martin

Juan Manuel Martinez

Louis Martinez, mine stable manager

J. McGee, band member, WW I navy volunteer

McGuire, Deputy sheriff

E.P. McGuire, postmaster

W.J. Menzie, boarding house

W.J. Mills, Judge

Andy Miyamo, cook

Teofilo Montano, WW I volunteer


Carlos Nacas (Necas)

Frank Nacas (Necas), WW I volunteer

John Nodghero, WW I army volunteer

A.M. Oberli

Helen Oberli

Mr. Oberli

Philip Paliaroni

Angelo Papas, WW I volunteer

Jim M. Papas, WW I volunteer

Pete Papas, WW I volunteer

Joseph Patterson

Mike Pejtatel, WW I volunteer

George Penny, Blossburg Mercantile store

Tony Pesevento, WW I army volunteer

Plunkett family

Margaret Plunkett, Donavan hospital kitchen, cafe at Honeyfield Hotel and Margaret's Cafe 

William Plunkett

Mrs. Plunkett, Van Houten Club member

William Pratt, postmaster

Melos Raecevich, WW I volunteer

Thomas Regoni, WW I volunteer

Gabriel Ribera, WW I volunteer

Arturo Robles, WW I volunteer

Frank Rody, band member

Mike Rokers, WW I volunteer

A.A. Rolland, music instructor

A.R. Rolland, 22 piece band


Melchiades Sainz, WW I volunteer

Ramon Salazar, WW I volunteer

Mrs. F.T. Schwachheim

Tillie Schwarhheim, school principal

Florence Selfa, Van Houten Club member

Atalino Sena, WW I volunteer

Atilia Sena, WW I volunteer

Mrs. Shane

George Slagakis, WW I volunteer

Roso Sphenola

Charles Springer

Edward Thomas Springer, last head of Van Houten camp

Frank Springer, President Maxwell Land Grant Company

Josephine Bishop Springer

Mrs. Stevens, Van Houten Club member

Allen Stewart, band member

Miss Susan Stewart, singer

Yuille Stewart, WW I volunteer


Rafael Tassi, WW I army volunteer

Clarence D Taylor, WW I army volunteer

D. Taylor, WW I volunteer

Mrs. Taylor, Van Houten Club member

George Themakis, WW I volunteer

Mrs. Claude Thompson, grammar school teacher

Savo Tresjonin

Mrs. Vacine

Leopoldo Valdez, WW I volunteer

Max Valdez, WW I volunteer

Jan Van Houten, cattle rancher, President Maxwell Land Grant Company 

S. Van Houten, President of the Maxwell Land Grant Company

Van Lint, Dutch engineer

Mrs. Vansina, Van Houten Club member

Joe Vansins, band member

Enrico Verzotti, band member

Joe Vinachi, WW I volunteer

May Wiegand

L.S. Wilson

Louis Xavier, WW I volunteer

Maches Zanis, WW I volunteer

Mike Zuganachian, WW I volunteer


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