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Gesindeverzeichnisse were kept by the local police. They are part of the security measures incumbent on the police. For instance,  people working as servants (Gesinde) were closely monitored. They had to be registered with the local police. Read more about Gesinde here: In contrast to them, Gesindel (riffraff) were also closely observed.

In a Gesinde-Verzeichnis one can find a person's name, his date and place of birth, when he/she started the service, who the employer was, from when to when the service lasted and who issued a certificate of completion.

Some Gesindeverzeichnisse are available through Familysearch, catalog, locality, population or occupation and can be ordered through the Family History Center network. 


People moving in or out of a locality were also obliged to register with the police. They were documented in Melderegister with their name, birth date and place, in which house they lived, if they rented, their landlord was listed, their former residence given, whether they wanted to be permanent or temporary residents, present at this address since..., date of move to...


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