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When a person was born in a city, the local police issued a Heimatschein which entitled the bearer of residence in said city to all privileges until he/she obtained another certificate of residence elsewhere. When a person decided to move a similar paper was issued in the new place of residence. If someone decided to temporarily leave his place of residence, a paper was issued for a leave of absence which confirmed the person to be a resident of such and such city. Sometimes couples and entire families are listed.

If a man intended to settle in a location and get married, he had not only to ask for permission to be accepted as a citizen, his future wife also had to ask for permission to become a resident. Both had to bring certificates of good conduct and swear an oath not to become a burden to the new parish. In most cases permission was granted. From time to time permission was rejected because one of the marriage partners had a character flaw or the authorities objected to an overload of professions i.e., daylaborers in their city.

Petitions to obtain citizenship are available for Sachsen-Meiningen through FamilySearch, catalog, keyword search: Heimatscheine. Films can be ordered through the Family History Center network (see main page, FamilySearch catalog)


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