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Church Records

Microfilm of parish registers available at the Family History Library for Tolga clerical district. Contains parish registers for Tolga clerical district which includes Tolga parish with the chapels Holøydal and Hodal; Vingelen and Os (Dalsbygda) parishes with Narbuvoll and Tufsingdal chapels. Tolga became its own clerical district in 1735, when it was separated from Tynset clerical district. Records prior to 1735 can be found in Tynset clerical district. Records available from 1733-1929.

Images of digitized parish registers available online at Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives).

For earlier records see Tynset

Tolga: 1733-1876, 1916-1929

Tolga/Narbuvoll: 1864-1925

Tolga/Os: 1815-1936

Tolga/Tolga: 1814-1950

Tolga/Vingelen: 1804-1946

Census Records

  • 1664-1666 Census Solør, Østerdalen og Odalen fogderi: Tønset (Tynset) clerical district: Tønset (Tynset) parish, Tyldalen (Tylldal) annex parish, Lille Elvedalen (Alvdal) annex parish and Kvikne annex parish. Microfilmed images are available at the Family History Library Film 122977 Item 3 and online at Digitalarkivet as scanned images and as a database.
  • 1664-1666 Census Hedemarken prosti: Tønset (Tynset) clerical district, Tønset (Tynset) parish, Tyldalen (Tylldal) annex parish, Lille Elvedalen (Alvdal) annex parish, Kvikne annex parish and Vingelen annex parish. Microfilmed images are available at the Family History Library Film 122967 Item 2 and online at Digitalarkivet as scanned images and as a database.
  • 1825 Census Tolga clerical district includes Tolga, Vingelen and Os parishes. Microfilmed images are available at the Family History Library Film 1694663 Item 6.

Court Records

Land Records

Farm Books

Farm Names

63 Anvisaasvolden, 36 Berget, 64 Brennmoen, 26 Broen, 56 Brønningsgaarden, 27 Dølgaarden, 41 Døljogaarden, 26 Dølmoen, 20 Eidet, 63 Erlien, 62 Erlimoen, 55 Flaten, 41 Flatgaarden, 27 Florgaarden, 46 Florpladsen, 27 Fredriksgaarden, 41 Fuglodden, 26 Hagen, 34 Hammerpladsen, 67 Hegkaasa, 34 Helbladpladsen, 41 Helenagaarden, 27 Henriksgaarden, 59 Hesjestøet, 66 Hodalen, 70 Hodalsøien, 75 Holøien nedre, 41 Hulbækdalen, 41 Hulbækmoen, 41 Hulbækmoen, 63 Hummeldalen, 40 Ivareggen, 27 Jensgaarden, 27 Jonsgaarden, 42 Jonspladsen gamle, 38 Kaasa, 72 Kaasa, 57 Kirkebakken, 57 Kirkebakken, 57 Kirkebakken, 63 Kloppen, 26 Kotmoen, 44 Lerenpladsen, 48 Lien, 21 Lillebækken, 49 Lillehaug, 73 Malmaasen, 65 Malmtægtmyren, 50 Moen, 66 Moen, 41 Mortensgaarden, 41 Nilsgaarden lille, Nordshaug, Norli, Norsve, Nybakk, Nyborg, Nybu, Nybø, Nyeide, Nygjelten, Nygård, Nyhagen, Nyheim, Nymo, Nymoen, Nytrøen, Nysted, Nyvang, Ol, 27 Olasgaarden, 58 Oldergjelten, Olosjagarden, 27 Oldergjelttrøen, Olsgård, Olstad, Oppstugjelta, 76 Orvøien, 27 Paalsgaarden, 41 Paalsolagaarden, Pederlien, Perflatan, Perslia, Persætergarden, Prestegarden, 71 Præstlien, Rasmusgjelten,  34 Rasmuspladsen, Riise, Risegga, Rokstad, 27 Rosinggaarden, Rossingegga, Rossinggarden, 65 Ryalen, Rye, Ryen, Ryhaug, Rymo, Ryttergarden, 41 Rytterpladsen, Rønningen, Røsebygda, 34 Røsegaarden, 34 Røsepladsen, 77 Røstbakken, Røstbakken, Sagbakken, Sagen, Sagplass, 58 Sandmælen, Sandmæltrøa, Schjelderupgarden, Selbyggarden, Selje, 27 Simensgaarden, Singellia, Sjurshaugen, Skancke, Skanckeplass, Skjold, Skogheim, Skoghøi, Skogly, Skogmo, Skogstad, Skogtun, Skreddergarden, 27 Skrivergaarden, 47 Slaabakken, Slettan, Sletteidet, Slåbakken, Smean, Smedgarden, 27 Snedkergaarden, Solbakken, Solberg, Solbrå, Solhaug, Solheim, Solhøy, Solli, Solstad, Solum, Stasjonsbakken, Stea, 26 Steen, Stehaug, Stemo, 34 Stenan, Stengelgarden, 43 Stenkloppen, Stenmo, Stensan, Stensplass, Sterud, Stetun, Stevollen, 22 Storbækken, 61 Storbækken, Stor-Embretstua, Storbækken, Storgjelten, Strandstua, 34 Støen, 77 Sundmør, Søgård, 27 Søljaasen, Søndmør, 27 Tellebondgaarden, 51 Tolgensbakken søndre, 27 Tolgensgaard, 34 Tolgensgjelten, 25 Tolgensli mellem, 60 Tollan, 41 Tomasgaarden, 66 Trøen, 37 Ulset, Urseth, 23 Viksmoen

Probate Records

1675-1744: Records are found in Solør og Østerdal judicial district.

1772-1823: Records are found in Østerdal judicial district.

1823-1846: Records are found in Nord-Østerdal judicial district.

1696-1779: Clerical probate records are found in Hedemarken og Østerdalen Deanery.

1761-1832: Clerical probate records are found in Østerdalen Deanery.


Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names


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