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Land measurements

 The following terms are familiar terms to describe land:

Acre   10 square chains or 160 rods, or 43,560 square feet or 4840 square yards

640 acres   1 square mile

Chain   66 feet or 4 rods or 100 links

Foot   12 inches

Link   7.92 inches

Mile   80 chains or 320 rods or 5280 feet

Mile (square)   640 acres

Perch   1 rod or pole

Pole   1 rod or perch

Rod   16 1/2 feet or 1/4 chain or 25 links or 198 inches.  Also equal to 1 perch or 1 pole

Rod (square)   272 1/4 square feet

Vara   33 inches

Yard   3 feet or 36 inches


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