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= Beck, "Kitchen" Family  =
= Beck, "Kitchen" Family  =

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Beck, "Kitchen" Family

Find family members in the U.S. Census records. 

It is sometimes necessary to search several censuses to gather all the children born to a family.

Step 1. Search for your ancestor in the1900 U.S. Census 

  • Use the ancestor's name, birth year and birth place for a successful search.
  • When searching for a woman, use her married name.
  • Always look at the original record, not just the index or transcript.

Step 2. Search for your ancestor in the 1910 U.S. Census.

  • Look for additional children born to this family.

Step 3. Search for your ancestor in the 1920 U.S. Census.

  • Look for additional children born to this family.

Tip: Often times, when more than 3 years pass between the births of children it is an indication that a child may have been born and died in between. The 1900 and 1910 census list the number of children born to the mother and how many are still living. This can indicate more children should be researched in vital or local records.

Step 4: Add new information to Family Tree.

  • Add any newly found children to the Family Tree.
  • Prepare temple work by clicking on green arrows found in the Tree.
  • Follow the directions on the page.
  • Be sure and check for any possible duplicates.
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