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Marilyn Markham, MLS, AG, CG

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Marilyn Markham, MLS, AG, CG Marilyn has worked in the Family History Department for over twenty-five years.  She first cataloged records from Spain and Columbia for two years. After that she worked in the US/Canada Reference Unit at the Family History Library.  Then she helped design various computer projects as a users representative.  After about ten years she returned to the US/Canada Reference Unit, though in the middle for two years, she worked in Collection Management.


Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, Brigham Young University, minor in Spanish.

Master of Library Science, Brigham Young University.


Marilyn has a CG with emphasis in New England and an AG in Librarianship.


In addition to her work at the Family History Library, Marilyn has lectured about New England and United States research at numerous family history conferences over the years including:

- Genealogy and Family History Conferences, Brigham Young University, 2 years 

- South Davis Family History Fair, 4 years

- Family History Expos, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2009

She also taught New England Research at Brigham Young University for 5 years.

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