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Title: Historical Maps of Sweden




  • Scales on Maps
  • Linear Measurments in Sweden
  • Word List for Historical Maps
  • Lantmäteriet Website (direct link)
  • Krigsarkivet Website (direct link)
  •  ? SVAR Historical Maps

Types of Historical Maps

Name Time Period Number of Maps
Äldre geometriska kartor
  • Also called Geometriska jordeböcker. These maps are visual tax records. See the Äldre geometriska kartor records page.
1600's 12,000
Geometriska kartor
  • Arial views of residential and cultivation areas. See the Geometriska kartor records page.
early 1700's - 1750 Unknown
  • Maps from the 1st land reform. See the Storskifte records page.
1750's - 1820 40,000
  • Maps from the 2nd land reform. See the Enskifte records page.
1803 - 1827 Unknown
  • Maps from the 3rd land reform. See the Lagaskifte records page.
1828 - 1926 Unknown
Krigsarkivets Maps
  • Maps in the Krigsarkivets collection. See the Maps in Krigsarkivet records page.
1600's - early 1800's 35,000

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