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Welcome to my talk page. Please share your thoughts!

Main Page

I'm grateful to see that the "What's New" box replaced the "Featured author" box. Since you have the ability to make changes to this page and I don't, I have 2 requests:

  1. Please note in the "news" box that there is an incomplete announcement about "Guided Practice." I suggest that it either be completed or deleted.
  2. We were looking at the "Events" box and saw several out-of-date items. We thought that we edited them out, but don't have power to remove them from the Main Page. Please remove these outdated items.


Article names

In the guidelines for naming a new article could you add some examples to each of the categories? I'm not certain what is meant is several cases and I suspect that someone whose first language is not English might struggle here?

The guideline on capitalisation is likely to be contentious as this would require renaming the majority of the articles on the wiki! Ironically, even the article Criteria for Writing Good Articles in Wiki would need changing!!! bromaelor 14:02, 1 January 2009 (UTC)