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Vadstena Krigsmanshus: The Swedish term for the Soldier's Home at Vadstena.

Valuation book, Ireland: A type of record the Irish government used to assess the value of land for property taxes. The first valuation, called Griffith's Primary Valuation, was taken between 1848 and 1864. Later valuations were taken every ten years. They note landowners, changes in ownership, acreage, and property value. These books are sometimes called "Cancel" books.

Valuation Office, Ireland: An office in Dublin, Ireland, that holds the Griffith's Primary Valuation records and accompanying maps.

Vencindarios, Philippines: A Spanish word used in the Philippines to mean census records. Beginning in the 1500s, the Spanish recorded several of these censuses.

Vestry minutes, Church of England: Records that detail the events and issues discussed at a vestry meeting.

Vestry, Church of England: The presiding council that handles the business of a parish in the Church of England.

Veteran: An individual who once served in the military.

Veteran society: An organization of people who once served in the military. These societies are involved in political, social, and financial activities

Veterans of Foreign Wars, USA: A large veterans organization in the United States. Officers and enlisted men or women can join if they participated in any military campaign that was fought outside of the United States. The organization seeks to develop comradeship, help needy veterans and their families, provide memorial services for deceased veterans, and promote patriotism. The Veterans of Foreign Wars began accepting women members in 1978..

Veterans’ burial list: A list of veterans and their burial sites.

Veterans’ Grave Registration File, Indiana: A partial index to the graves of veterans from Indiana who served in any conflict from the time of the Revolutionary War to World War I.

Veterans’ grave registrations: Lists of the locations of the graves of veterans.

Veterans’ organization: An organization created to meet the needs of men and women who served in an armed conflict.

Veterans’ schedule, USA: A portion of the 1890 United States federal census that listed living Union veterans or their widows.

Vice admiral: An officer in the navy or coast guard who ranks between an admiral and rear admiral.

Viceroyalty, Latin America: A system of colonial government in which a colony is headed by a governor, called a viceroy, who is a representative of the king or sovereign. Spain and Portugal instituted this form of government in their Latin American colonies.

Vicomte: The fourth highest ranking title in the French peers, ranking below a comte (earl). The British equivalent is viscount.

Vida Addenda, Scotland: An additional index at the end of the yearly index to Scottish civil registration records that contains names missed in the yearly index.



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