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*[ 1660 Census for Vestfold County]  
*[ 1660 Census for Vestfold County]  
*[ 1701 Census for Vestfold County]  
*[ 1701 Census for Vestfold County]  
*[ 1801 Census]
*[ 1801 Census]
*[ 1815 Census for Vestfold County]
*[ 1825 Census for Vestfold County]  
*[ 1865 Census ]  
*[ 1865 Census ]  
*[ 1875 Census] Partial  
*[ 1875 Census] Partial  

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Norway > Vestfold County

Vestfold is a county in Norway, bordering Buskerud and Telemark. Many islands are located at the coast. Vestfold is mostly dominated by lowland and is among the best agricultural areas of Norway. Vestfold is known for shipping and sailing. Formerly a headquarters for whaling fleets, the coastal towns of Vestfold now engage in fishing and shipbuilding.


Cities, Parishes, Clerical Districts in Vestfold County

BrunlanesTanumKjoseStavernTjøllingLarvikHedrumKveldeSandar (Sandeherred)TjømeNøtterøySandefjordStokkeTønsbergSlagenSemSkjeeArnadal (Arendal)KodalHvarnesAndebuStyrvollHøyjordLardalHemRamnesÅsgårdstrandHortenBorreNykirkeUndrumsdalRamnesVivestadFonVåleBotneHillestadVassåsHofSandeStrømm (Strømmen)SkogerKonnerudStrømsgodsetVestfold Parishes 2x2.jpg
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Church Records

Photos of churches in Vestfold

Family History Resources

Government Offices and Sites

Farm Books

Land Records

1886 and 1838 land registers are found at The Norwegian Historical Data Centre. These are Excel files, which can be downloaded. The give the name of the farm, the farm owner, and the amount of tax. Both farms and sub-farms are included.

Military Records 

Passenger Lists

Probate Records

Digitised probate records for Vestfold county

Probate Records for Tønsberg and Holmestrand 1696-1801 (1782)

Probate Registers for Larvik 1672-1812

Probate Jurisdictions



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