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Population Records

In 1806 approx. 650,000 people lived in the Duchy of Württemberg. By 1813 the population rose to 1.3 milion. Up to 1871 400,000 to 430,000 people had left the territory of Württemberg to find better living conditions in Eastern Europe and in North America. The emigration peaked in 1816/17, 1846/47 and 1852 to 1854. The emigrants came out of the Neckar- und Black Forest regions. With economic crises and emigration, the number of marriages and births went down and the population growths up to 1867 was only about 34.000 people.

A list of how the population grew in Württemberg can be seen here http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C3%B6nigreich_W%C3%BCrttemberg

Source: Wikipedia Königreich Württemberg - Bevölkerungsentwicklung

Newly admitted citizens in Rottweil between 1632 and 1707

     Research into the earlier periods of Rottweil is not very favorable because a fire in 1696 destroyed church records from 1601 to 1696. A marriage register exists beginning with the year 1744, and also the death records do not have much information for the time of the 30 Years War. Other available church records only record a small percentage of the citizens of Rottweil in the early 1600s. A good source to fill the gap is the book with newly admitted citizens which the city council has kept since 1580.

     Whoever desired to become a citizen of Rottweil had to be of Catholic faith. People had the choice to convert, which a good many did. People had to produce a so called “Geburtsbrief”, a document that showed a legitimate birth. The candidate then had to swear an oath at the city hall. He also had to donate two leather buckets and deposit them at the guild in which he wanted to become a member. The leather buckets were used to extinguish city fires. Between 1632 and 1707 altogether 231 new citizens were registered, wives and children not included.

     The author Winfried Hecht published in Archiv für Sippenforschung, Jahrgang 53, Heft 107 (1987) page 195 a list of citizens who were registered in Rottweil between 1632 and 1707. They appear in his list as they were registered (name, profession, place of origin, and where in the original the entry is found)
The periodical can be accessed through FamilySearch, Family History Library Catalog, call number 943 B2as.



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