Often research problems can only be solved by using sources not typically used for genealogy. Just such a situation occurred as I sought to find out whether my great-great grandmother was the same Ann Chantler that was married to a Thomas Chantler in a neighboring parish.

The problem took life when a burial record for Thomas Chantler in 1811 in Knutsford, a contiguous parish to Mobberley, Cheshire, listed him as being a publican. A burial for Phyllis Chantler, a daughter, also identified Thomas Chantler as a publican. With this information now available, a search was made of the licenses for alehouse keepers in Cheshire. According to Terrick V.H. FitzHugh’s The Dictionary of Genealogy, a recognizance is “A legal document obliging a person to do something under a certain stated condition, in the same manner as a bond; the only difference being that a recognizance did not require the party’s seal. The licensees of public houses were obliged to take recognizances before two Justices of the Peace.”

A review of the recognizances for Cheshire at the Chester Record Office showed the following licensed alehouse keepers at Bird in Hand Inn in Mobberley, the parish where Ann married my great-great grandfather, John Whittaker:

  • James Graisty – 1803-1806
  • Thomas Chantler – 1807-1810
  • Ann Chantler – 1811
  • John Whittaker – 1812-1815
  • Richard Hargrave – 1816

The following timeline which incorporates the list of alehouse recognizances shows how there was a relationship between Thomas and Ann Chantler and John Whittaker:

  • 21 Apr 1811 - Thomas Chantler, publican, was buried in Knutsford, Cheshire, a parish contiguous to Mobberley.
  • 10 October 1811 – Ann Chantler granted recognizance at Bird in Hand Inn. Recognizances are renewed each year in October, so Ann would have renewed the license in Oct of the year her husband, Thomas, died.
  • 2 Nov 1811 - Ann Chantler, widow was married to John Whittaker.
  • October 1812-1815 - John Whittaker holds license at Bird in Hand Inn.
  • 30 December 1815 – Ann Whittaker is buried in Knutsford.
  • 1816, the October following Ann’s death, the license passes to another innkeeper.

There were several marriages of an Ann to a Thomas Chantler in the area of Cheshire where my family lived. Trying to find the correct marriage between Ann and Thomas Chantler to capture her maiden name was and still is a challenge.

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  1. I may be a bore, but I do not care about Kaare Bye or the records of him/her, I was wanting to search for my own genealogy Just John....

    John W. Burlew II 30 March 2011
    5:15 pm
  2. I am trying to find my grandfathers family history. We have always believed the surname to be Hromick, but on his Certificate of Canadian Citizenship it is listed as Peter Gromick. Something could very easily have been lost in translation. The date on the form is 11.19.1947. The certificate lists address as Chellwood, Sask. Canada. A farmer. Place and date of birth Arinian, Camens Spodosh, Russia and date of birth as June 1890. Citizen of Russia. It is believed he actually came over from Russia between the ages of 17 and 20. It lists him as married, but no wifes name, which we know as Polly Hromick, my grandmother. It says his parents are citizens of Russia. It even gives his colour as white, complexion dark, eyes brown and hair black. We however can find nothing abou him except his gravesite in Blaine Lake, Sask, Canada. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Sherry Vining 30 March 2011
    4:40 pm
  3. My Great, Great Grandfather George Stephen League was said to be orphaned sometime while he while living in Virginia. He was born in Virginia in 1806 0r 1807. His father may have been Thomas League who was born in 1780 in California but I can find no record of Thomas anywhere. Questions When did he leave Virginia? I know he married my Great, Great Grandmother Mary Catherine Etherton in Green County, Kentucky in 1835. Where did he live in Virginia? What happened to his parents? If his father was not Thomas than who was he? Who was his mother? Any information would be deeply appreciated. Thank you

    Donna C. Matthews 20 March 2011
    3:17 pm
  4. Searching for my hungarian ancestors and..the possibility of find descendants.. My grandfather József Lukács Visechracky came to Uruguay in 1930, he was born in Nadlac, Romania, but documents i have says that he lived in Tótkomlós, Hungary. His mother´s name was Judita Visechracky and his father´s name was Mihaly Lukács. Mother´s parents were Susana Rohár and Samuel Visechracky. Being Tótkomlós a little town i think someone who lives there would be able to help me with some dates. So, i would like make contact with somebody lives there or nearly .

    Aniella Lukais 23 February 2011
    6:19 am
  5. Look like we finally can see the daylight around us. Thanks for all great ideas. Done it for 54 years... Kaare Bye

    Kaare Bye 01 February 2011
    11:59 am

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