For a group of people who love to study the past, genealogists can get just as excited about the future. That was clear last week at RootsTech, and obvious again this week as we all waited with bated breath for each new #RootsTech tweet or blog post coming out of the conference (or was that just me…?). There are a lot of people who came together to make this work and should be congratulated; this conference was a success because the entire community came together to make it so.

After a conference, we're all supposed to take what we learn - and then use it. One major thing that we learned is that bringing genealogy users, entrepreneurs, and technical gurus together creates an incredible amount of synergy and excitement. Everyone is so excited for next year’s conference.

But why should we wait until next year?

How can we keep this momentum going throughout this year, to then build on that going into the next conference? How do “we” – meaning everyone, from genealogists, to entrepreneurs, to technologists - work differently so that we can keep this feeling alive all year long?

We’d love to hear what you think about:

  • What else made the conference so much fun? (Whether you attended in person, online, or through Twitter and blogs)
  • What do “we” (again, the entire community) need to keep doing this year to keep this momentum going throughout the coming year?

Add your thoughts below.

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  1. A special thanks to everyone who helped organize and support Rootstech. It was an incredible conference and Ive taken some of what Ive learned back to the board of my genealogy society. Im also sharing on my blog in my series on Rootstech Takeaways. Im one of the official Rootstech bloggers and still want to post several more rootstech related blog posts...stay tuned for more Click on my link to find my takeaways. http// (also had problems adding a website link in the comment form)

    Joan Miller (Luxegen) 21 February 2011
    4:34 pm
  2. As a developer, the conference was fun because I was able to discuss my issues and new ideas with people. Some presentations were great, but the most exciting was the conversations afterward and the unconference session where multiple people threw out ideas, even impromptu. As for what to keep doing Ive joined a mailing list for one of the topics presented, and Im following the progress of a few new projects. I dont have anything to suggest to the entire community... those people and projects that will be successful are already keeping in contact with like-minded individuals. It would be nice to see some updates of releases and/or success stories for projects across the board (eg. ones in which Im not active, just for random discovery of ideas), so let me know if you hear of any such summary or top-news blog. Thanks to everyone involved (PS the comment form wouldnt accept my website, possibly because I mistyped the http// part the first time.)

    Trent Larson 21 February 2011
    11:08 am

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