Who Do You Think You Are? with Steve Buscemi

Celebrity Steve Buscemi appeared on Who Do You Think You Are? Friday night, the show’s sixth episode this season.

Buscemi, who was born in Brooklyn, New York, decided to start with his mother’s family because he knew very little about his maternal ancestors. Concerned that his family may have a history of depression, he decided to start with his grandmother, Amanda Van Dine, who took her own life many years ago, and her parents Charles and Jane Van Dine.

As a result of research at the New York City Municipal Archives, and using information gleaned from FamilySearch partner Ancestry.com, Buscemi found valuable information about his great-great-grandfather Ralph B. Montgomery. He found that Montgomery was a dentist who served as a Union soldier in the Civil War. Buscemi also learned that his ancestor fought in the battle of Fredericksburg, well known because of the large number of casualties suffered by Union forces.

See sharing family history with WDYTYA for ideas on getting started on your own genealogy.

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