So reality-based TV can be both popular and uplifting? Really? Yep! And for proof, just take a look at one of the new family history shows on television. You'll learn that watching others discover more about their roots is compelling. You’re probably already familiar with shows like Who Do You Think You Are? and Faces of America, which feature celebrities. But what about the rest of us? Doesn't everyone have a story to tell? That's the premise for The Generations Project—a reality-based family history show that uncovers the remarkable stories and family histories of everyday people.

The second season premiers Monday, March 28 at 7:00 MDT on BYUtv (which is available through many satellite and cable companies). The show website states:

"The Generations Project is a television series about discovering your roots. It takes ordinary people on a hands-on journey to learn about their ancestors and in the process discover more about themselves.

"The second season of The Generations Project takes you from Germany to Holland to New York's 'Little Pakistan' and everywhere in between, following eleven journeys into the past: the Denkes explore the origins of their children’s life-threatening genetic disease. Kerry hopes his ancestors will help him find his estranged son, and Ty delves into his complicated heritage as a son of Nazi Germany. They along with eight other guests engage with the past to understand the present."

This is great television. As we watch these stories, we begin to reflect on our own past and our own families. We begin to think about our ancestors in ways that make them feel real and much more personal. We begin to connect with them in ways that give our lives meaning, perspective, and strength. And these connections to our past also enrich the connections to our current family. In the end, we are reminded that family bonds transcend so many things. What a pleasure it is to find a reality-based TV show that aims to entertain and inspire viewers.

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  1. It has been wonderful to be able to travel along with everyday people as they find their roots on the Generations Project. We are not interested in the celebraties but it is inspiring to see what the average people are able to find and the reason that they are searching. Hope this program will continue for years.

    Anita Richardson 27 July 2011
    7:47 am
  2. Hello I am a descendant of the Aaron, Francoise and Vallerie family. In my research on my family lineage I discovered my ancestry has French Creole roots. My familys line is very complex and I would like a seriously good researcher who is familiar with Pointe Coupee, Louisiana history to help me with my genealogical & historical research of these family members. I have tried to get copies of these records, but have not been able to locate or confirm that this information is accurate on the Aaron family line. I have contacted different local agencies in Louisiana and had some good help from a few people, but there are no church records to support the information I have been given. Question Was Severin Francois married twice or is Amelie b. 1820 and Eugenie b. 1830 the same person? I want very much to learn the origins of my family. Please contact me via email any data that you are willing to share to that may help me learn more about doing research on the Aaron, Francoise and Vallerie families from Pointe Coupee, Louisiana. My email account is Thank you and I look forward to hear from you Parental Generation No. 1 1. Nellie Valery was b. unknown. Parental Generation No. 2 2. Paulin Valery (Paulan Vallery) was b. 1835. He married Venus maiden name unknown. She was b. 1845. Parental Generation No. 3 3. Achille Valery (Archilde Valery) was b. 1862. He married Marie Francoise. She was b. 1865. 3. Gustin Grancoise (Augustine Francis) was b. 1842. He married Idelle. She was b. 1843. Parental Generation No. 4 4. Louis Vallerie (Jim Valdery) was b. 1880 in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana. He married Angela Aaron (Angeline Valdery). She was b. 1887. 4. Severin Francois (Savarin Francoise) was b. 1813. He married Amelie. She was b. 1820. He married Eugenie. She was b. 1830. Generation No. 5 5. Marie Nadeja Vallerie (Nettie Valdery Johnson) was b. 10 April, 1911 in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana. Maternal Generation No. 1 1. Victor Aaron (Jackson Aaron) was b. 1827. He married Ozette maiden name unknown. 1. John Spencer was b. unknown. He married Maraya maiden name unknown. She was b. unknown. Maternal Generation No. 2 2. Victor Aaron was b. 1853. He married Henriette Jones. She was b. 1857. Maternal Generation No. 3 3. Angela Aaron (Angeline Valdery) was b. 1887. She married Louis Vallerie (Jim Valdery). He was b. 1880. They separated. Children of Louis Vallerie (Jim Valdery) & Angela Aaron (Angeline Valdery) 1) Golden Valery, b. December 18, 1908 2) Dowrel Valery, b. July 05, 1910 3) Marie Naydel Valery, b. April 10, 1911 - Pointe Coupee, Louisiana, d. June 24, 2009 4) Jimmie Valery, b. 1919, christening May 01, 1919 at Saint Mary Catholic Church in New Roads, Louisiana 5) James Valery, b. 1919, christening May 01, 1919 at Saint Mary Catholic Church in New Roads, Louisiana Does anyone has any information on the following family members Marie Nadeja VALLERIES (April 10, 1911 - Pointe Coupee, Louisiana) PARENTS Louis aka Jim VALLERIE (1880 - Pointe Coupee, Louisiana) Angela AARON (1887 - Pointe Coupee, Louisiana) LOUIS PARENTS Achille VALERY (1862 - Pointe Coupee, Louisiana) Marie FRANCOISE VALDRY (1865 - Pointe Coupee, Louisiana) MARIES PARENTS Gustin FRANCOISE FRANCIS (1842 - Pointe Coupee, Louisiana) Delie aka Adelaide aka Idelle (1843 - Pointe Coupee, Louisiana) GUSTINS PARENTS Savarin aka Severin FRANCOISE (1813 - Pointe Coupee, Louisiana) Amelie (1820 - Pointe Coupee, Louisiana) Eugenie (1830 - Pointe Coupee, Louisiana) ANGELLA AARONS PARENTS Victor AARON (1853 - Pointe Coupee, Louisiana) Henrietta SPENCER (1857 - Pointe Coupee, Louisiana) VICTORS PARENTS Aaron JACKSON aka Jackson AARON (1827 or 1829 - Pointe Coupee, Louisiana) OZETTE (1831 - Pointe Coupee, Louisiana) HENRIETTAS PARENTS John SPENCER Maraya

    Marcus 15 May 2011
    1:34 pm
  3. I love watching the Generations Project. I agree, it is great television. It is a better show than Who Do You Think You Are The show is always well thought out with good pertinent information for the viewer. The shows that I have really liked I take note of the Title so that I can see it again on my computer over the internet.

    JACall 31 March 2011
    3:40 pm

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