Ashley Judd on Who Do You Think You Are?

Ashley Judd appeared on the season finale of Who Do You Think You Are? last Friday night. Prior to the airing of the show, she wrote the following:

“[Who Do You Think You Are?] is one of the most wonderful experiences of all my born days. I have indeed been amazed, and as Dario predicted, I have wept my way through some of the revelations. The producer said he would bet his career on my episode, and yes, he gets to keep his career. It is a doozie…The researchers began working on my genealogy a year ago! They asked what I might like to learn, what questions I might have for my people. I said I wondered if there were any activists in my background, any agitators for social change, champions of the poor, or reform. Were there people of exceptional faith, charity, hope?”

The show certainly answered her questions. The first part of the episode described the story of one of her ancestors who fought in the Civil War at age 15, was captured by Confederate troops twice, lost a leg at the Battle of Saltville, and became an important figure in a local Methodist church. The second part of the show traced Judd’s ancestry back to William Brewster, a Brownist who came to the New World on the Mayflower.

According to the web site Copius Notes, Judd said, “I loved going to the state archives. They were wonderful people and I loved getting on that microfiche and looking at property records and . . . it’s enthralling.”

See sharing family history with WDYTYA for ideas on getting started on your own genealogy.

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  1. I was amazed to see one of my ancestors mentioned in this article (John and Mary Polly Hill and son Henderson, they are my direct up-line ancestors five generations removed. Victor Hill N.Carolina

    18 September 2011
    6:56 pm
  2. Im a fan of this movie. Great

    John A. Smith 17 August 2011
    8:43 am
  3. I am a descendant of Peter Sullivan and Chester Sullivan from Camden County Ga. Liddie Sullivan Dau of Peter ,Chester mother

    mack sullivan 29 July 2011
    12:01 pm
  4. Paul, if someone emails you as to where or how to get a chart like the one Ashley Judd got, please repost that info, as I too am interested in one. Thanks

    Angela 26 July 2011
    9:21 pm
  5. My mothers maiden name is Hensley... after research on, I found out that Patsy Cline (née Virginia Patterson Hensley) is my 8th cousin, twice removed... now Im wondering if Im also related to Ashley Judd, and whether she is related to Patsy as well, via Elijah Hensley? I have some more detective work to do, thats for sure

    Thomas Bean 25 July 2011
    4:06 pm
  6. I, too, am a descendant of Elder William Brewster through his daughter Patience Brewester Prence. Continuing down through her daughter Hannah Prence Mayo and into the Merrick,Myrick line which continues down through the male line untill it reaches my mothers great grandmother. What I appreciated so much was to see the places where the Mayflower community lived both in the new world and old world and especially where Elder Brewster was in prison. I will never be in a position to travel to see those places and it made the show especially interesting and touching to me. Thank you

    Jacqueline 25 June 2011
    11:57 am
  7. I am also a descendant of John Hill and Mary Polly Clover from DeKalb County TN, through their son Henderson who married Matilda Jane Bennett. Hendersons daughter Susan married David Meade of Daviess Co., Ky. Their daughter Elizabeth Edna Meade married my gr.grandfather William Asbury Springfield Vanover whose father Thomas Jefferson Vanover was also born in DeKalb Co., Tn.

    David G. Moore 14 June 2011
    3:29 pm
  8. you all ROCK

    nod keze 01 May 2011
    4:49 am
  9. Where do I find a source that can create a chart like the one presented to a subject (believe it was Ms Judd) of a recent episode?

    Paul 29 April 2011
    1:34 pm
  10. I am in need of some help in finding the parents of John Hill and Mary Polly Clover from DeKalb County TN, any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Victor Hill

    Victor Hill 22 April 2011
    4:45 pm
  11. I love the show who do think you are I been working my families ancestory since Sept. 2010. I am hooked....Sue

    sue nahler 20 April 2011
    5:25 pm
  12. I watched this show it was amazing

    Joanne Weatherbee 20 April 2011
    9:41 am
  13. I wonder if Ashley JUDD's ancestor- Elijah/Elisha Hensley might be related to Pastor Dallas Hensley who was a Church o f God Minister who was a originally from the eastern part of TN. He died in Goldsboro, Wayne County, North Carolina and was the parent of Vonzella Hensley Daniels, Maxine Hensley Gray, Lexie Hensley, Joseph Hensley. His wife was Bessie High__________ of Cherokee heritage from Western North Carolina.

    Gayle 17 April 2011
    6:18 pm
  14. THIS is one of my favoriate shows and I never wont to miss it. The weeks that it is not own I am very disappointed. I have worked on my husbands genelogy for 48 years and published the book in 1987 but, have worked on mine only last 20 years and am always finding new leads. Thanks for you help in making this site available to so may so we are always finding new information. I did find my mother Frankie Mallory who was born in Kansas City Kansas 22 april 1910 listed as a man. She passed away 23 Feb 2011 at the age of 100 years 10 months and 1 day. Louise Gilley

    Louise K Gilley 17 April 2011
    1:50 pm

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