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There is a great supplemental lesson that provides a powerful video clip showing 5 excellent search strategies for finding names in FamilySearch. It's called FamilySearch Tips. This is one of the best instructional video clips I’ve seen in a long time.

I’ve been doing family history research for more than 3 decades, so I’ve been around the corner a time or two. When I saw what Diane Loosle was teaching in this lesson, I knew I had to share this with our blogging community.

In this video, Diane focuses on:

  • Narrowing your search with filters
  • Using wild cards
  • Adding a relationship
  • Adding an event
  • Browsing images

Take time to watch this supplemental lesson. I promise you that this will be 10 minutes well spent.

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  1. I liked the old site better because I could easily reach the Social Security Death Index. Now, I cant find that index. Thank you, though, for your wonderful, wonderful work in genealogy. Amy

    Amy Baker 11 February 2012
    8:00 am
  2. Please stop the links to your site is so much better . I was a member at for years but it is now way too expensive, and if I had joined I probably would not have found your wonderful site and would not have started indexing like I am doing now.

    MJ 09 February 2012
    6:43 pm
  3. Please bring back the old Family Search so much easier to use and how do I find the parent search now?

    Izzy 09 February 2012
    7:50 am
  4. I love your set up. It is easy to use. But, how can I search records by race? I would like to be able to put Indian in a search bar to pull that race up in a particular area. I dont see where you can do that. If there is not a way can you please make a way to do that?

    Elizabeth 08 February 2012
    2:28 pm
  5. how do I do a parent search on the IGI now?

    john anderton 08 February 2012
    12:16 pm
  6. Why on earth did you remove the ADVANCED SEARCH FORM feature??? I have used that feature for my research for English ancestors. I have been doing family tree research for over 15 years and RELAY on that feature PLEASE PUT IT BACK

    Susan Christensen 06 February 2012
    4:09 pm
  7. Please bring back the old was so much easier to find info.

    Joyce McClain 05 February 2012
    1:04 pm
  8. This new system is a total waste of my time. I have even tried it with the filters. I want the old IGI back, I have been doing Family Search for 30 years, and now you have even taken the Go to Previous site off, and it is a wonder you cant see the smoke coming from this side of the South West Pacific.

    Susan 03 February 2012
    2:19 pm
  9. Very interesting video, however I only saw part of it, why do not we open up our content?

    Dixy22 29 January 2012
    2:27 pm
  10. Interesting post and site, my family is all over the world do you think its easy to find family with generic surnames as i dont have all the info i need to narrow down most searches.

    shaz 28 January 2012
    8:14 am
  11. I have been called as our Branch FH specialist. I knew basicalln nothing when called. I have added problem of living in the Middle East where I have not resources to go to . This video you present has been more useful to me than anything else I have found. THANKS a million. I hope I can find more helps like this

    Jeannie J 26 January 2012
    10:03 pm
  12. Judy Lunt. If you look in the second sentence of the first paragraph, you will see that the words FamilySearch tips are a different color. This different color indicates that this is a hot link. Simply click on those words and you will be taken to the video you are looking for. I hope this helps.

    AndersonSF 26 January 2012
    8:06 am
  13. How do I get the video? Thanks

    Judy Lunt 25 January 2012
    4:23 pm
  14. I have used filter with moderate success. Like others I have found information here that I did not find on

    Jinxie 23 January 2012
    8:56 pm
  15. I really like this site, however, I have found some typos in family members last names and was wondering if there is some way to have those errors corrected. These are mostly errors due to guessing when the hand writing on census records are not clear.

    Kathy 23 January 2012
    8:35 pm
  16. I have found people here that I was unable to find at and the price was better

    Toni 21 January 2012
    1:26 pm
  17. This was very helpful at a very basic level. Easy to follow and should be easy to implement.

    Dannie 19 January 2012
    6:51 pm
  18. As a Mac user I am denied the pleasure of the video, because - I have to download an app that is Microsoft. I thought the US of A was au fait with Macs but seemingly not.

    Stephen Hill 19 January 2012
    12:52 pm
  19. I want see Family Search be free as it has been. I dont like the links to Free always.

    lynjacob 18 January 2012
    3:51 pm
  20. I dont the links to Family Search has always been free and Id like it to stay that way.

    lynjacob 18 January 2012
    3:39 pm
  21. how do I SEE this video ?

    bill kennedy 16 January 2012
    1:34 pm
  22. do not know how to access this video ?

    Bill Kennedy 16 January 2012
    1:24 pm
  23. Excellent info. Just resumed genealogy rsch on my family after a couple years hiatus and find these tips to be of great help. As an indexer/arbitrator - I was not aware that unindexed records were available for visual search - thats absolutely awesome

    Chuck 14 January 2012
    11:00 am
  24. Thanks for the video. It was very helpful

    Patty 12 January 2012
    3:20 am
  25. I found it quite interesting and informative. Ive been trying for years without spending too much (budget) and what I learned through this 9.34 min link , will help me very well... Thank you for posting it

    Kate 08 January 2012
    4:45 pm
  26. very good info here. thanks http//

    easmaniaa 08 January 2012
    2:59 am
  27. I agree that FamilySearch is better and I have also had more success with it than the filters.

    Lee 07 January 2012
    9:36 pm
  28. In the past, I have had considerable success with the filters demonstrated in the video. After watching the video, Im anxious to try the wild cards to see what else I can find. Thank you for sharing these tips with us

    Gene 06 January 2012
    6:21 am
  29. Get with it FamilySeardh - Filters are a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND EFFORT An advanced search form would easily fix the search disaster you have created.

    04 January 2012
    5:02 pm

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