A Family of Indexers

A family of seven has been indexing in Guatemala City. Mom, Dad, five children, and Grandpa and Grandma live together and share one computer that has Internet access. They balance taking turns indexing with all the children being in school, Dad working, and Mom finishing her studies at the university. At times, the family goes to the local family history center to work on more machines with Internet access. In 2011, the Lanuza family indexed over 37,000 records.

The father, Wilfredo, said that a great miracle has occurred in their family as a result of indexing.

He said, “We’ve had some challenges, but by participating in this work there has been a big change in the behavior of each family member, and the relations have become more loving and tolerant.” Wilfredo also volunteers his time as an administrator for a group of indexers in Guatemala City. He coordinates the work of 174 volunteers and helps keep the momentum going in the area. In 2011, this group indexed over 141,000 records.

This family and others have recently been indexing paragraph-form civil registration records. These particular collections, three of which are currently available for indexing, are some of the more difficult records to index because they can cover multiple images and do not appear on printed forms. In all, six collections are now published on familysearch.org for Guatemala, and three of these collections have images.

Thanks to a wonderful Spanish indexing workforce, over 7 million names were indexed in 2011. We’re grateful to individuals, families, and groups who volunteer their time to create databases where records are made available to the world for free.

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  1. New online site absolutely useless. Was using the microfiches and the filmed Church records in England from over thirty years ago until first trying the computer in 1998. The old online site was a useful tool.

    W P Laverack 13 February 2012
    3:36 pm
  2. Have used the old microfisches and filmed records in England and the old online site for over thirty years and found it a useful tool. I even checked one years contents with the actual records for one Church and found no variation. THE NEW ONLINE SITE IS ABSOLUTELY USELESS TO ME - I CANNOT FIND ANYTHING

    William P Laverack 13 February 2012
    3:29 pm
  3. Congratulations you are a great example for our stake that started working on indexing the last year (2011). Keep going.

    Maritza Sánchez 10 February 2012
    9:25 pm
  4. I was thrilled when I heard about the Pilot site and found many records on family, especially the unknown members who may have died as infants. My major disappointment was in finding an indexed record with picture was incorrect. It was difficult to convince your staff at first that the picture was missing. Finally, I got through to someone that the image had been scooped up by Footnote. Footnote? why would they want a 1933 death certificate for my great-grandaunt, who was never in the military, nor was her husband, and they had no children. Of course, to see the image would require a fee. I dont understand using unpaid volunteers to index records and then turning those records over to a for profit organization like Footnote--now Fold3. I think it may be a *slap* in the face of those unpaid volunteer indexers to lock their work behind a closed door that opens only with money. For shame on Family Search, Fold 3, and the big Kahuna--ACOM for using folks that way. And further shame on Family Search for not listening to the constructive comments of their customers regarding the new Family Search sites lack of functionality. Thank you very much for your wonderful *negative* response. Silence speaks volumes

    puzzled, perturbed, perplexed 10 February 2012
    2:24 pm
  5. Hooray for this family Keep up the family togetherness. How absolutely wonderful.

    loline sammons 09 February 2012
    11:42 am
  6. Only together we can survive.

    daniel albright 07 February 2012
    6:32 am

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