Introducing the new Memories Gallery.

All your cherished family memories in one place.

Memories of struggle and triumph, the exceptional and the ordinary, can create traditions that impact generations. The Gallery is a place where all of the photos, stories, documents, and audio that you add to FamilySearch are collected.

Uploading and organizing is as easy as drag and drop.

Now you can upload your photos, documents, and audio files all at once to FamilySearch by dragging and dropping them into the Gallery. After that, you can drag and drop them into albums to organize in your own way.

Always find what you're looking for.

Filter, search, and arrange tools are available in the new Gallery. You can filter by type, search for a specific title or file name, view memories in alphabetical order by title, and even see which memories still need titles or people tagged.

Save your favorite memories wherever you find them.

Now you can add any photo, document, story, or audio file on FamilySearch to your Favorites, a collection in the Gallery. It's a way to bookmark memories you find on FamilySearch so you can easily find them again.

Change photos to documents and documents to photos instantly.

The Gallery lets you select multiple memories and perform actions on all of them at once. If you want to change a group of uploaded photos to be categorized as documents, just select them all and choose Change to Document.

Rotate images without leaving the Gallery.

Have images that are sideways or upside down? Rotating them is easy in the Gallery.