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David Wessel

Architect, Artist and Professor of Architecture David Wessel, youngest child of Louis and Mary Ella Sly Wessel was born in Bozeman, Gallatin, Montana, 2 Jan 1922. His artistic talent was apparent at an early age as seen by the pencil drawing on school paper when about 12 and the wash drawing of an ancient Grecian Urn done as a student project when a freshman in Architecture. Residing most of his life in Bozeman, he designed and built homes, including the several he has occupied, one of which, in the country, burned to the ground before the fire department arrived. Chet Huntley’s home in Big Sky country was one of the many projects he was involved with as an architect. He taught architecture at Montana State University, Bozeman. Talented in use of oils, watercolors, pen and ink, and pencil drawings, plus photography, his art hangs in many homes. An avid mountain climber, he has topped mountains around the world including Mt. Rainier, many Canadian Rocky peaks, the Tetons, Mt Kilimanjaro, Kala Patar in Nepal, Citlaltepetl in Mexico, Pequeño Alpamayo in Boliva and many others. He married first in Everett, Snohomish, Washington 21 Dec 1949 to Melva Jones, born Everett, 13 Jun 1930. Victoria Lin, his only child was born in this union. Married second: Bozeman, 3 May 1956 to Veris Jessie Anderson, born Seattle, King, Washington, 2 Nov 1923. Married third: Bozeman, 12 Jun 1970 to Margaretha Harders, born Den Holder, Netherlands, 23 Mar 1936. Margaretha brought three children to the marriage, Clarence, 15 years, Jerry Lynn, 14 and Magdalena Ophelia (Mitzi) Cain, 13. With the children grown and on their own, David and Margaretha spend free time in the mountains hiking and camping, visiting friends and family, and traveling the world. Margaretha Wessel became Montana State University’s first woman Director of General Studies in July 1978. She and an assistant serve as academic advisers to about 1000 students. She grew up in Holland and was educated in the United States. Her family lived in Indonesia during World War II. With her parents and sister, she spent most of the war in a concentration camp. Her father died while a Prisoner of War (POW). Bozeman, Montana Daily Chronicle Monday, January 14, 1963 The blast of cold arctic air left more than mere discomfort and inconvenience. Cold weather was blamed for a fire that destroyed the home of Mr and Mrs David Wessel, 12 miles north of Bozeman, just before noon Saturday. The direct cause of the fire that apparently started in the flue or attic, but the 12 below temperature was the indirect reason. Wessel, a staff member of the Montana State College School of Architecture, was reported hospitalized from inhaling smoke, as he tried to fight the blaze, and then to remove belongings from the burning building. The Wessel home is located in Bostwick Canyon north of the ciity. It was reported that only a few personal effects were saved. Because the telephone line burned out, help could not be summoned immediately, it was reported. The Bozeman fire department dispatched the so-called country truck to the scene but could be of no assistance because of the distance from town and headway already gained by the blaze. Source: WESSEL FAMILY CHRONICLE, Beth Wessel Marshall, 2006, Chapter XIV,40



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