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Charles Dement Signs Oath of Allegiance in 1777, Bertie County, North Carolina. Oaths of Allegiance - 1777 On May 10th 1777, North Carolina at Newbern, passed an Act of Assembly , entitled an Act for the Security of the State which prescribed an Oath of Allegiance that all males were required to sign. Refusal to sign the oath could result in a Court Order that the persons be commanded and directed to depart the State of North Carolina. Several of Oaths of Allegiance were circulated in the county for signatures. Location of these documents in the Archives: The call number for the Bertie County Oaths of Allegiance to the State of North Carolina (1777) is CR 010.928.12 (part of the Bertie County collection of miscellaneous records). The documents are to be found in a folder, "Revolutionary War Papers," within box 12. (That folder also contains some Bertie County non-war court documents, as well as a few Revolutionary War documents related to other counties (Currituck, Martin, Perquimans, Chowan, Princess Anne (VA), etc.). " I will bear faithfull and true allegiances to the State of North Carolina and will to the utmost of my power support, maintain and defend the Independent Government thereof against George the III King of Great Britain and his successors and the attempts of any other prince, power, State or potentate who by secret acts, treason, conspiracies or by open force shall attempt to subvert the same and will in every respect conduct myself as a peaceable orderly subject and will disclose and make known to the Govener or some member of the Council of State or some Justice of the Peace all treasons conspirancies and attempts committed or intended to be committed against the State which shall come to my knowledge so help me God" This page of signatures transcribed by Virginia Crilley. (Some are difficult to read so there may be errors, and corrections and additional information are welcomed.) Josiah Perry Josiah, b. 1741 d. 11/1821 in Bertie Co. m. Millicent Freeman. He was ca 36 years old in 1777... so he probably didn't have any sons fighting in the Revolution....and I would guess that he may have served in the Militia for Bertie County. Researcher:Bruce Perry" James Fletcher(?) Samuel Rayner Jethro X Trumbell Edward X Outlaw William X Brown John Outlaw John (?) Ray George X Hughs Thomas X Hughs Jonathan X Millar Jonathan Miller was 67 years old and owned over a 1,000 acres of land in Bertie at the time. He had two sons, Jonathan Jr. and Solomon. Researcher: David C.Miller James Laughton Joseph X Morriss John X Cowand Solomon Hughs Thomas Mizell Aaron Outlaw William Mizell William Rayner George X Hughs, Jun. Benjamin X Brown Henry Harison Timothy Mizell Charles Freeman Josiah X Outlaw John X Perry Richard Bird Stephen McDowell Lewis Outlaw James X Asbel David X Paugh Benjamin Ward Aaron Mizell Nicholas X Hinton John Williams Jas. Boone Wynns David X Birdd Francis X Brown John Ramsey (?) Abner B. Caro??? Jacob X Read(?) William Cake Filgo William X Hughs Aaron Asbell William X Butler, Jun. Mordecai White Amos X Britt James X White William Cowand John X Brittan Isaac X Brittan William X Brittan William X Cowand John Freeman Timothy Hunter Hugh ???? Isaac Perry Tho. Slatton (?) William X Sparkman Joseph Watford James X Williams John X White Edward X Birdd James X Hughs Thomas T. Outlaw William W. Watford John X Watford Thomas X Hughs Jonas X Mizell Jesse Sparkman Amos Ranar James X Holley, Jun. John Raner Luke White James Borroughs Mordacai White Nicolis Harmon(?) Harday Watford Henry Lee Ezekiel Wimberly. From NC Archives - Rev War File. Contributed by: John Cowand Signatures: 4 names difficult to read on top right hand corner Charles Dement John Bond William ? Jesse Britt (These 4 names submitted by:Sam DeMent Joseph Parker King Freeman James (x) Sholer Jeptha (x) Tomlinson Henry (x) Barnes Edward (x)Willson Josiah (x) Thomas James (x) Cooper Benjamin Carter Ezekiel Thomas Benjamin Sholar Robert(x) Cherry John Bryon Edward Outlaw Henry King Edward (x) Wilson Josiah (x) Wilson James Lasiter (not clear) Jacob Bass Frances Sowell Thomas Veal Willia m Bass James (x)Howard Henry Rhodes Elijah Hward Jesse Bazemore Baliss House Thomas Bazemore Michael King John (x) Bazemore Jesse (x)Harrell (not clear) John (x) Sholar (not clear) John Williams (unreadable name) Charles King Cader Bass Lewis (x) Cobb John (x) Gardner, Jr. ? (x) Freem James Roades Richard Parker Thos (x) Garner (unreadable name) (unreadable name) Thomas Bond Willim Johnston David Collins Joel (x) Holand John (x) Capehart Charles King, Jun Thomas Perry Henry Roades Thos (X)Holder Jonas (x) Tomlison Jeptha (x) ?ielmore John Jenkins James Pritchard John (x) Barr] James (x)Cherry A ? (x) Gardner ? (x) Chapell (unreadable name) James Bazemore Charles (x) King, son of (?n) Joel (x) Britt Aaron (X) Britt Titus Edwards Edmond Harsdtey Moses (x) Lasster John Bazemore James (x)Thomas William (x) Bryant John Thomson G. Embry Bunch John Bryant Jos Collins Jeremiah Bunch (Same preamble) Daniel x Ward Jas Swinhow Grover William Barbsen George C Semen John Gains John Smith Gadok Cowand Mallachi Smith Wm x Ward John Legett Henry Speller Isaac Jordan Benjamin Wright Benjamin Manning James Baker Thos x Ward Demsey x Smith Edmund Dunstan Daniel Strawhon Tol Sar ain Hillery Manning John x Johnson George Crutch George Clement John x Teal Jas x Semore John x Webbelton Mathew x Wiggam Wm West John Hyman John Davidson Peter Barker Lemuel Hyman John Swain William Birnen Charlton Clements Wm Cole Peter Burnet Stephen Barker John Sutton Luke Smithwick Jacob Rhodes Letchworth Swain William Davis Hes Collins Wm Havis, Jr Thos Legett A? Armistead John Bentley Thos Hardon Frederick Lassiter Joseph Champion Abraham Perry Revolutionary Oath of Allegiance - Bertie County, NC Original located at North Carolina State Archives CR 010 928.12 29 April 2000 (Transcribed by Lynn McCarthy from original two-page document; may contain errors because of difficulty reading handwritings and "bleed-through". I will bear faithfull and true allegiance to the State of North Carolina and will to the outmost of my power support, maintain and Defend the Independent government thereof against George the third king of Great Britain & his successor, and the attempts of any other person power, state or potentate, who by secret acts, treason conspiracies or by open force shall attempt to subvert the same and will in every respect conduct myself as a peacefull ordily subject and will disclose and make known to the governor or some member of the Council of the state or some justice of the peace treasonable conspiracies and attempts committed or intended to be committed against the state which shall come to my knowledge so help me God Michael his X mark Ward Phillip his X mark Ward John Brogdon Aaron his X mark Brogdon William his X mark Brogdon John his X mark Shiler George his X mark Chaplain Jas Belote William Perkens Kadar King James Williams Christian Reed James Warborton Wm Gray John Johnston Burwell his X mark Johnston Peterson his X mark Brogdon Thomas [ ? ] George [ ? ] William Hurst William his X mark Hodder William Duggan [ ? ] his X mark [B ? ] [ ? ] Holly Bird Thos Hubbard William Anderson Gorg his X mark Ward William Waston Andrew South Jas Jones Luke Warborton Alexander Urquhart Jon Allen Henry his X mark Cobb Alex ? Moen James Swinhow Grover Jeremiah Dargan John Hotten William Pender Lewis Thomas Thomas his X mark Pender Jno Castellow Jno his X mark Laurance Saml Moore Wm Cole Reed Dillon John Miller Charles Sowell Absalom Cobb Jonathan Long Thomas Boothe Oath of Allegiance - Bertie County, North Carolina Original located at North Carolina Archives CR 010 928.12 Photocopy made from original document 29 March 2000 Transcribed by Lynn C. McCarthy I will beare faith full & true Alegeance to the State of North Carolina & will to the Utermost of my Power Support Mentain & Defend the Independent Government & thereof Against George the Third King of Great Britain and his Sussesors and the Attempts of Any Other Person Prince power State or Potentate that by Secret Atempts to Subvert the same and will in every Respect Conduct my Self as a peaseafull and Orderly Subject and will Disclose and make known to the Governor or some of the members of the Councell of the State or Some of Justes of the Peace all Treasions and Atempts Commited or Intended Against the Said State which Shall Come to my knowledge so help me God Saml Milburn Saml [his X mark] Leath William [his X mark] Fallow Aleshae Turner Jesse [his X mark]Cooper Elisha Rhodes Richard Dawson Thos Watson Wm Broadwill Will [his mark] Anderson Ephream [his X mark] Shoulder Thomas [his X mark] Shoulder Lewis [his X mark] Legget Dempsey Kittrell Adhp [his X mark] Hudson Thos [his X mark] Stanback Henry [his X mark] Loyd Saml Leath Macon W. ? Lisfield Robt [his X mark] Rhodby Abraham Mullen James Turner Stevens Gray Willis Kittrell James Bond Frederick Lassiter Lemr Dwyer John Slade Thomas Ballard Josiah Williams John Watson James Bently John Walston James Turner James Bate Henry Smith Amos Freeman Jonathan Rhodes Benjamin Moore Thomas [his X mark] Moore Charles Power Jeremiah Searce Thos Rhodes Thos [his X mark] Copper Davis Turner B. ? Forsett Joseph [his X mark] Loyd Philip Thomas Thos Harrison Dennis Delany Edward [his X mark] Turner M Barnes John [his X mark] Baget © Copyright Virginia Crilley 2001 |Back to the top|Return to the Bertie County Main Page| NCGenWeb State Page|USGenWeb Page



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