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Cemetery Marker for Tamma Durfee Miner Curtis

"An Elect Lady" Tamma Durfee Miner Curtis 6 March 1813 Lennox, New York January 30, 1885, Provo, Utah An early LDS pioneer and settler of Springville, Tamma joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in December, 1831. She was among the faithful Saints who faced the mobs in Jackson County, Missouri, Kirtland, Ohio, and Nauvoo, Illinois. She married Albert Miner on 9 August 1831. They had nine children. She and her husband assisted in the construction of the Kirtland and Nauvoo Temples. Her father Edmund Durfee, who had been a bodyguard of the Prophet Joseph Smith, was martyred in 1845. Tamma, her husband, and children were driven from their home and joined the trek westward. Their lives threatened, and being ill-treated by the enemies to the truths of heaven, they remained faithful to their testimonies. Albert Miner, born March 31, 1809 in Jefferson County, New York, perished on the plains of Iowa on January 3, 1848, and was buried there, never finishing his journey to the Salt Lake Valley. Death had also previously claimed daughters Sylva and Melissa in their infancy due to exposure. The rest of the family continued to Salt Lake City by ox cart driven by her son Orson, arriving in June, 1850. Orson died in March, 1851. Tamma married Enos Curtis on 20 October 1850, and settled in Springville in April, 1851. They had four daughters, two of whom died before their mother. Enos died in 1856. Tamma married John White Curtis in 1857 and had one daughter. "I do feel highly honored to be numbered with the Latter-day Saints and I pray that our children will all prove faithful that they may receive a great reward.... Children, live your religion, be persevering in well doing, and may God forever bless you and protect you from all harm, is the prayer of your mother who loves you all dearly." Children of Tamma and Albert Miner Polly Orson Moroni Sylva Mormon Matilda Alma Lindsay Don Carlos Smith Melissa Children of Tamma and Enos Curtis Clarrissa Belinda Adelia Amelia Daughter of Tamma and John White Curtis Mariette



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