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Mason Covington Miller and Susan Ann Strickling

Mason Covington Miller was married to three other women after the death of Susan Ann. The marriage records at Cairo Ga. shows he married to Kazah Yawn 1867, 1870 to Safrony Piles, 1873 to Martha Ann Sellers, the sister of his sons wife, William Abner Miller. William Abner Miller is my Grandfather. Mason had one daughter by the Piles Marriage. Mason had at least six children by his last marriage, I can name some I knew Ely, Walter, George and others. Grandmother Susan Ann Strickling was the mother of three children when Mason Covington Miller married her in June of 1853. Their names were Lusenda, born 1840, Thomas born 1845, and John 1859. Lusenda married Green Taylor 1859 and she died 1936. Thomas married 11868 to Miss Orella Jones, she died 1889. Thomas died 1929 and both are buried at Whigham, Ga. I knew nothing about John who served in the civil war. These three children were stepchildren to Mason. It looks like Susan was taken advantage of as you can see her first child was born when she was only twelve years old. Her second one five years later and the third four years later. Susan was a Strickling, the 1850 Ga. Census shows Susan living with Neal Strickland note the differance the was these names are spelled, Susan Ann was not related to Neal Strickland, her father was Rubin Strickling. The real father of her three first children was West Sherfield of Miller County Ga. Alexander Strickland last surviving son, Thomas who died in 1974 told me about this, also Father Elmus Abner Miller, the son of William Abner who past on in 1968 at the age of 92, told me the same story. Story was typed up in my families personal files. There is no name signed with this information. Not sure who wrote it.



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