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Writings on American history : 1902-1958

Annual report of the American Historical Association
Books/Monographs/Book with Digital Images
Washington, D.C. : American Historical Association, 1906-1960
45 v.
  • 052700992X 1906
  • 0527009938 1907
  • 0527009946 1908
  • 0527030457 1911
  • 0527009970 1912
  • 0527009954 1913
  • 0527009962 1914
  • 0527009989 1915
  • 0527009911 1916
  • 0527009903 1917


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Compilers vary: 1902 compiled by E.C. Richardson and A.E. Morse; 1903 compiled by A.C. McLaughlin, W.A. Slade, and E.D. Lewis; 1906-1939/40 compiled by Grace Gardner Griffin ... [et al.]; 1948-1956 compiled for the National Historical Publications Commission, James R. Masterson editor.

Publisher varies: 1906-1908 originally published by Macmillan Co., 1909-1958 published as supplements or v. 2 of the Annual report of the American Historical Association. 1902 and 1903 are included here although they were published by Princeton University and by the Carnegie Institution of Washington, respectively.

Reprint editions: Milwood, N.Y. : Kraus Reprint Co., 1961, 1968, 1975-1978.

Subtitle varies: 1906-1935, A bibliography of books and articles on United States and Canadian history...with some memoranda on other portions of America.

Includes index in each volume.

Supplement to: Annual report of the American Historical Association. Continued by: Writings on American history, 1961.

Library has: 1902-1903 (reprint), 1906-1918 (reprint), 1919-1920 (original), 1921 (reprint), 1922-1928 (original), 1929-1930 (reprint), 1932-1933 (original), 1934-1939/40 (reprint), 1948-1958 (reprint).

Also available on microfilm and digital images.



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