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Der Reggeboge = The Rainbow : journal of the Pennsylvania German Society

  • The Rainbow
  • Journal of the Pennsylvania German Society
  • Quarterly of The Pennsylvania German Society
  • News journal of The Pennsylvania German Society
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Serial /Serial with Film
  • English
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Breinigsville, Pennsylvania : Pennsylvania German Society, 1967
Vol. 1 (Mar. 1967)-


Quarterly 1967-1981, twice a year 1982-.

Text in English and Pennsylvania German dialect.

Subtitle varies: v. 1, News journal of The Pennsylvania German Society; v. 4 & v. 14, Quarterly of The Pennsylvania German Society; v. 16, Journal of the Pennsylvania German Society.

Founded in 1891, the Pennsylvania German Society is a nonprofit, educational organization devoted to the study of the Pennsylvania German people.

Indexed in PERiodical Source Index (PERSI) under PAGS.

Partial contents: v. 1 no. 4. A salute to our Canadian cousins -- v. 2 no. 1. Albright College and the Pennsylvania Germans; An early visit to Ephrata -- v. 4 no. 1, 3-4. "Zwiwwle" and other Pennsylvania German and English poems by Charles Calvin Ziegler; A Fraktur-fest -- v. 5. Eulenspiegel in Pennsylvania; Restoring an eighteenth century Lancaster County farmhouse; Isaac Zartman, the prolific bilingual folk poet -- v. 6. North Carolina Fraktur; The diary of Johannes Wilhelm Hoffmann [1733-1734, 1741, 1749, 1755-1756]; Research on the Pennsylvania German Kist -- v. 7. Trappe 1834-1836; The Moravian contribution to the Tulpehocken region; A pastor for the Lutheran Church at Tulpehocken 1742 -- v. 8. A visit at the Hottensteins; Our family origins in Germany [Wirebach]; Johann Heinrich Miller, German-American patriot; History of Albany Township, Berks County -- v. 9. Juvenile books about Pennsylvania Germans: a bibliography with comments; The Blumme of Saint Mary's; Exorcism, 1789; An octogenarian Pennsylvania Dutchman, Raymond E. Hollenbach; The Pennsylvania German tri-level ground barn -- v. 10 no. 1, 2. The Braun and Loesch families, neighbors in Germany and America; Pennsylvania Germans in the American Revolution, the emergence of local leadership in Lehigh County -- v. 11. The Stamp Act repealed, text of a 1766 broadside; George Erion, the ragman; Some Pennsylvania Dutch cheese; Funerals and the undertaker; The earliest records of Saint David's, Sherman's Church, West Manheim Township, York County, Pennsylvania; The Fraktur artist Henry Young -- v. 12. Some Pennsylvania pioneers from Hassloch and Böhl in the Palatinate; Beds, bedding, bedsteads and sleep -- v. 13. Abraham Lauck of Wallau; Human idiosyncrasy in estate records, a sample; Christian Strenge, Fraktur artist; The Peter Cox robbery ...

Partial contents (continued) -- v. 14. Genealogical data from the registers of the Moravian congregation in the Oley Valley, Berks County, Pennsylvania; Who came before 1727?; German place names in York County; Eighteenth century German church records from Maryland, a checklist; O noble heart, an examination of a motif of design from Pennsylvania German embroidered hand towels -- v. 15. Recipes from the 1830's -- v. 16. His deeds followed him, the Fraktur of John Conrad Gilbert; Pens and penmanship -- v. 18. Der Pap un die Mam hen Deitsch gschwetzt; Pennsylvania German funeral lore; The "Top 40" Pennsylvania German hymn tunes; Examples of the material culture of the Palatinate; Butter prints of Joel John Hoch; Tales from the countryside -- v. 19. Donors to the Lutheran Church in Germantown in 1738 and records of baptisms there 1741 and 1742; Ehrenfried's Pennsylvania German tunebook; Palatine Dutch, a fragmentary record; A Pennsylvania German vernacular structure in Maryland, the Christian Bauer house -- v. 20. Pennsylvania German decorated handkerchiefs; Palatine Dutch, a vocabulary list; The German background of Johann Georg Hähn (Hain); Samuel Bentz, the "Mount Pleasant artist"; Christian Alsdorff, the "Earl Township artist" -- v. 21. The life and deeds of the fames Till Eulenspiegel new and improved edition Pennsylvania; Handlumpe, Naameduch, and Kelleduch, embroidered textiles among "Nebraska Amish", a first report; Observations, the Pennsylvania Germans and the Constitutional Convention of 1787; Gleanings from a nineteenth century manuscript cookbook; Christian Mertel, the "C M artist" -- v. 22. Ach wie ist die Welt so Toll! The mad, lovable world of Friedrich Krebs -- v. 23. Prisoners of war in Frederick County, Maryland, during the American Revolution; "Of Revolutionary memory": German mercenaries who immigrated to western Maryland ...

Partial contents (continued) -- v. 24. Anecdotes from "Barleen", East Berlin, Adams County, Pennsylvania; Four additions to Pennsylvania German church history: A note on Charles Lewis Boehme; Seeking a pastor for Conestoga, ca. 1732; Johann Valentin Krafft's American career; The ordination and ministry of David Candler -- v. 25. Publications of The Pennsylvania German Society and its predecessors, 1891-1991; The founding of the Pennsylvania German Society -- v. 26. An Amish girl's daily life, Mary Fisher's diary, 1885; An Amish autobiography and family record, Joseph Hostetler; The Reformed Church and Pennsylvania German identity by Don Yoder; How grandmother made and baked bread by Flora Brugger Curtin; Eighteenth-century emigration from the Odenwald (book review); Immigration into the Odenwald after the Thirty Years War (book review); Coloring books, an emerging Pennsylvania German art form -- v. 27. The Pennsylvania Dutch New Testament; A Methodist preacher describes his Amish upbringing; The Pennsylvania farmhouse and its furnishings; Gaigel, a forgotten Pennsylvania Dutch card game; Interpreting the world of our forefathers, Germany in 1993 by Don Yoder; Letters home to Myerstaun (1863-1864); Emancipation 1863, a Pennsylvania German artist's view; The social season in Allentown (Christmas 1865); Cycling through the Dutch country in 1885; Butchering on the Pennsylvania farm -- v. 28. The Snow Hill Cloister and its music traditions; Swiss foods and foodways in early Pennsylvania; Mir hen Kallich gemacht (We made lime); Schwetz Deitsch! Dialect writers from York County; "We just sang for fun!" In search of Pennsylvania Dutch folksongs; A visit to the Amish colony in Honduras; Growing up United Brethren, the close community of German Pietism; A letter from Blooming Grove; The Society membership list of 1905-1906; Tracking ancestors in Europe, the Pennsylvania German heritage tour of 1994 ...

Partial contents (continued) -- v. 29. The order [the sense of ordering time, work, meals]; Through the barns into the past; Pennsylvania German and the public schools; Johann Friedrich Ernst, Lutheran pastor; "Hex sign" hunting in Switzerland; In Pennsylfaania iss vieles wie deheem! Impressions of a Deitschlenner; Some thoughts on Pennsylvania German folksong research; The Peter Wentz Museum tour (1995); The letters of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg; Choral books and the church organist; Kaufman-Kauffman, Maidencreek and Oly -- v. 30. Shoemaker vs. Shoemaker, the debate on Pennsylvania Germans in American tradition; Presidential profile, our 19th, John Wanamaker, king of merchants; Rehabilitating the Hessians; Popularizing Pennsylvania, Henry W. Shoemaker and the progressive uses of folklore and history -- v. 31. The German element in Perry County; A baptismal service at Snow Hill, affirmation of faith and tribute to the past; The Schwenkfelders in the Goshenhoppen region; Pennsylvania German stories for children -- v. 32. A serendipitous genealogical journey, along the alchemists' trail; The restoration of the Muhlenberg house, the home of the Rev. Henry Melchior Muhlenberg -- v. 33. Abraham Reeser Horne, To the Manor born; The sisters of Saron, continuing the musical traditions of Ephrata and Snow Hill -- v. 34. Hennrich Engelhard's Silent Girl speaks; Unser Deitschie Mudderschproch, Wuhie? Our Pennsylvania German "Mother tongue", Wither? or, Where To?; A review of school bills from fifteen townships in bucks County, 1806-1829 -- v. 35. The Pennsylvania Germans, a persistent minority; Sorting out the Brethren; 2001, a bountiful year for Fraktur.

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