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Nils Dybdal-Holthe
Tysvær, Norway : Tysvær kommune, c1990-
v. : ill., coats of arms, maps, ports.
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  • 8270962449 b2
  • 8270962899 b 3
  • 8270963119 b. 4
  • 8270963127 b. 5
  • 8270963275 v. 6
  • 8270963283 v. 7
  • 8270963062 B. 8
  • 8270963070 B. 9


To view genealogies from Norway, Rogaland, Tysvær Clerical District, 1600–1900 click here.

This community tree is the result of merging the extracted data from 9 volumes of bygdebok (local or community history) for the Tysvær clerical district. Tysvær consists of 2 parishes: Tysvær and Bokn. No additions or corrections are accepted for this community tree. If you see information that you believe is incorrect or incomplete, the information can be corrected or updated in Family Tree.

A genealogy and history of the people and their farms in Tysvær, Rogaland county, Norway.

Includes indexes.

Contents: v. 1. Gard og ætt, nr. 1-32 -- v. 2. nr. 33-59 -- v. 3. Førdes fjorden, nr. 60-80 / Nils Dybdal-Holthe og Arnvid Lillehammer -- v. 4. Skjoldastraumen, nr. 81-90, 200, 114-132 / Nils Olav Østrem -- v. 5. Grinde, nr. 91-113 / Nils Olav Østrem -- v. 6. Nedstrand I (nr. 133-167) / Hans Eyvind Næss -- v. 7. Nedstrand II (nr. 168-199) / Hans Eyvind Næss -- v. 8. Slik levde dei, fram til 1820 / Svein Ivar Langhelle -- v. 9. Slik levde dei, frå 1820 til 1920 / Svein Ivar Langhelle -- v. 10. Slik levde dei, frå 1920 til 1970 / Svein Ivar Langhelle.



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