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James Ewing - pioneer

by Nancy Hanks Ewing ; compiled by Barbara Ewing Powell
Books/Monographs/Book with Digital Images
Newman, California : B.E. Powell, c1995
3 v. in 6


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Chiefly a record of some of the descendants of James Ewing, following his two sons. James Ewing settled in Bath County, Virginia ca. 1746 and later moved to Augusta County, Virginia. He was the father of five children, two of whom were sons. John "Indian John" Ewing (1747-1824) was born in North Carolina and grew up in Virginia. He married Ann Smith (1754-1809). They were the parents of ten children. They settled in Ohio. William "Swago Bill" Ewing (1756- 1822) was born in Virginia. He married Mary McNeill (1771-1858). They settled in Gallia County, Ohio, where he died. His wife, Mary, moved to Missouri after his death. Descendants of these men live throughout the United States.

Includes indexes.

Includes Arbuckle, Clendennin, Davis, Holcomb, Hughes, Lewis, Matthews, Mayse, McCarley, McNeill, Moore, Rodgers, Rogers, See, Smith, Allen, Adamson, Ames, Anderson, Ashley, Bartley, Beggs, Bloomfield, Bogue, Bones, Bowen, Briggs, Brown, Burke, Burnside, Burris, Campbell, Clark, Collins, Daily, Deckard, Edwards, Epperson, Evans, Finegan, Fletcher, Gapen, Gee, Hawk, Hartsook, House, Howell, Huntley, Jackson, Jeffers, Johnson, Jones, Macomber, Martindale, McCray, McDaniel, McGhee, McMillin, Miller, Nelson, Oiler, Owens, Rankin, Reynolds, Richards, Rife, Sheppared, Sisson, Slaughter, Swinney, Sylvester, Thomas, Todd, Tyler, Walker, Wallace, Ward, Welker, Wilcox, Wilkinson, Williams, Aleshire, Alexander, Andrews, Atkinson, Barrett, Braley, Brooks, Cardwell, Cherrington, Church, Craven, Denny, Dickinson, Dedrill, Dodson, Fink, FitzSimmon, Friend, Gray, Green, Hancock, Hank,Hasten, Hobart, Hoyt, Jenkins, Londrie, Long, Lowe, Mannering, Manning, Martin, McClure, McCumber, McNeal, Morris, Niles, Nixon, Oliver, Osborn, Patterson, Peden, Phillips, Powell, Radcliff, Roberts, Robinson, Roush, Russell, Scott, Simmons, Sprouse, Stout, Sweeney, Thompson, Watkins, White, Wilson, Wood, Yahne, Young, and related families.

Contents: v. 1. The story of the James Ewing family of Augusta County, Virginia and later of Pocahontos County, West Virginia... -- v. 2. Biographical sketches and genealogical information on James Ewing's son, John "Indian John" Ewing and his ten children... -- v. 3. Biographical sketches and genealogical information on James Ewing's son, William "Swago Bill" Ewing and his twelve children...

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