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Place Standard Finder is no longer supported and has been replaced by the Place Research Tool. The new Place Research Tool performs the same functionality of the old tool and more. Please use the feedback link at the bottom of the page to help us add any new places, share any corrections to existing places, or let us know how we can improve the tool.

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Standard Finder is a FamilySearch Labs application which provides access to standardized information for names, locations, and dates. These databases are used by several FamilySearch applications to assist researchers in searching for exact spellings, as well as indexers who enter information used for RecordSearch.

As can be imagined, the immensity of the data being collected and cross-referenced is enormous and will not always be correct. If you come across information you feel is incorrect, please use the feedback link so we can continue to make corrections to improve this data for future work. As you search, please remember, too, that historical perspectives affect the usability and correctness of the data.

As a standalone application, Standard Finder can be of assistance to researchers in determining proper spellings of locations, checking whether locations exist, as well as determining alternate name spellings/variants to expand research.

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