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By 13 January 1858 the Scandinavian Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints determined that there were enough members in Närke province to organize the first branch of the church there which became Ljungstorp Branch. The young Swedish elder, Erik Johan Persson, presided in Ljugstorp but soon emigrated to America with his brother August and Anna Sofia Eriksdotter. Administratively, the new branch was split off from the small Stockholm Branch. Within two years Ljungstorp was reorganized as Örebro Branch (early 1860). By May 1860 the Örebro Branch reported 10 members with Pehr Holmgren as president.

Over the years the branch met in several rented quarters in Örebro city, finally built their own building in the 1980s and the branch became Örebro Ward on 17 September 2000. 

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  • Church Records

Every L.D.S. Congregation was instructed to keep a membership record, a record of ordinances such as: baby blessings, baptisms, confirmations, priesthood ordinations, migration, and emigration information.To learn more about L.D.S. Records in Sweden see the article: Sweden: L.D.S. Records

The Swedish Lutheran Church had responsibility to record all births, marriages, and deaths regardless of affiliation. The L.D.S. members should also be registered in the household examinations and moving records. Check the Lutheran Church Records for the place where the L.D.S. member resided.


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To learn more about L.D.S. Emigration from Sweden see the articles: Sweden: L.D.S. Emigration and LDS Emigration and Immigration.

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