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Anderson may refer to:


  • Clan Anderson, a Scottish clan whose lands are in Badenoch
  • Anderson, a surname

A Place

In Australia:

In Canada:

  • Anderson, British Columbia
  • Anderson Bay, British Columbia
  • Anderson Lake, British Columbia
  • Anderson Bay, Manitoba
  • Anderson Lake, Manitoba
  • Anderson, New Brunswick
  • Anderson Mountain, Nova Scotia
  • Anderson River, Northwest Territories, arises north of Great Bear Lake near Colville Lake and flows north and west into the Beufort Sea
  • Andersons Landing, Northwest Territories
  • Anderson's Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Anderson Bay, Nunavut
  • Anderson, Lennox and Addington, Ontario
  • Anderson, Perth, Ontario
  • Anderson Lake, Ontario
  • Anderson Lake Station, Ontario
  • Anderson Township, Ontario
  • Anderson, Quebec

In New Zealand:

In Sweden:

  • Andersön, an island in Sweden

In the United Kingdom:

In the United States of America:

A County
A Township
A Populated Place
An Island